Monday, May 12, 2014

ordinary days

I hadn't meant to be away for long. School holidays came and went. Although I was home, and it was both enjoyable and busy, unfortunately any well meaning intentions to blog flew out the window. Then I lost the internet for a week. Strangely enough I think it was what I really needed. I started and finished a novel. The house looked tidier than it had in years. I did some sewing. I started a new knitting project. I felt so productive. Perhaps there is a lesson to be learnt from that week.

 I think the hardest part about coming back to a blog when you've been away is breaking the ice again.

So I'll let the pictures do the talking today, just so that I can ease myself back into it.

The fire is on and a white fog envelopes everything outside. Ugg boots and an op shopped polyester fleece dressing gown are keeping me nice and cosy as I type. Dirty floors and extra washing are inevitable after the weekend. Which reminds me that the flannel sheets need to go on the bed today. It looks like today will be an ordinary day of cleaning up after the weekend. Ordinary, but good, I hope.

 I found this little assortment outside. The girls must have picked them and left them there.

Valley view.

School holiday soup lunch.

Painting with cut potatoes.

Pretty compost.

Holiday reading from my own childhood books.

From the garden.


As above.

May your day be an ordinarily good one too. See you soon.