Tuesday, September 18, 2012

kitchen notes

I realised it's been quite some time since I've done a kitchen post. So here is some of the everyday food we've been enjoying of late. Still quite heavy on the comfort food, as Spring has been a little slow to arrive in these parts.

  1. Homemade ricotta - it was really supposed to be a batch of yoghurt in the slow cooker, but I left the milk heating for too long and scorched the edges so I stirred in a little vinegar and salt instead of yoghurt. It was the best tasting batch of made yet.
  2. Ricotta and jam on pikelets.
  3. Paprika braised chickpeas with kale served with rice and garlic mayonnaise from Matthew Evans' Winter on the Farm. I've been using this book a lot lately with our persistently cold nights.
  4. Porridge (soaked overnight) with dates, milk, yoghurt and maple syrup.
  5. Individual golden syrup and hazlenut puddings. Another one from Winter on the Farm. Good with cream.
  6. Broccoli, kale and rocket from the garden. Thank goodness for frost resistant rocket and kale that have supplied us with our salads all winter.
  7. Wholemeal spelt loaves.
  8. Garden salad with chopped boiled egg served with toasted homemade bread rubbed with garlic and drizzled with olive oil.
  9. Moroccan Spice rub for lamb. Very, very good served hot with a cold yoghurt and garlic sauce.
  10. Radish from the garden with sea salt and olive oil.
  11. Rocket pesto.
  12. Date, honey and Ginger Cake, also from Winter on the Farm.
  13. Also good served with ricotta and jam. In this cast Persian quince jam.

What's been cooking up in your kitchen?
Do you have any good recipes to share?
Any favourite cookbooks?
Has your cooking taken on a Spring like twist?

Wishing you all a very good day.


  1. Tania you have my mouth watering with all of that delicious food you've been making. Your family are so very lucky to get to enjoy such good homemade food. x

  2. Another gorgeous post! I have tried your no knead bread recipe and love it! Thank you.

  3. There is so much good food here..it just reminded me that I'm sitting here at half past ten, haven't had brekkie and haven't fed the dogs! Turning the computer on and I'm so easily distracted!

  4. OMG OMG I thought that I just died and went to heaven....yes please I will try some of everything! I am thinking that I might need to get that Winter on the Farm book and hello ricotta....looks gorgeous. I love ricotta with pasta, tomatoes and Kalamatas...we have been having mainly English wintery fare...look a good Yorkshire pud with a slow cooked stew ;)

  5. Wow your family eats so well. You're kids are so blessed to have you as their Mumma, feeding them so well. Such a great start to life. The food you cook is such and inspiration to me. You make me want to be better. Thanks.

  6. what a delicious bunch of photos!! everything you have made looks amazing...i am particularly liking the look of those braised chick peas yum yum yum!!!!

  7. hi tania...ive been eyeing off winter on the farm....now you have convinced me! we are having chickpea patties tonight, now going to add paprika!....very happy i read your post today....id walk over hot coals for those pikelets!
    Allison :)

  8. Yum Yum yum! Cant wait to get my hands on Matthew Evan's books....and by the looks you are full praise of them! Your ricotta looks amazing as does the porridge and the bread....hmmmm wishing you a happy week Tania x

  9. Mmmmhhhh! Would you like to share some of the recipes? Love the chickpeas, did the kids? Oh and the puddings!!! I got a huge bunch of silverbeet from a neighbour so cheese and spinach pie it was :)

  10. it all looks very yum at your place!!!
    We're currently loving a bit of River cottages 'Veg Everyday' :) I have the chickpea dish bookmarked... must try it soon!

  11. Tania, your food always looks so delicious. I'm particularly interested in the paprika braised chickpeas.
    Have a lovely evening.

  12. That all looks so good, I'd like to try some ricotta making I will have to look into that as we have a slow cooker which i rarely use. We did a very basic goats cheese which was really nice. Beautiful food :)

  13. Your food all looks so wholesome and good.
    I posted a recipe today on my site, as it is fall here in the eastern USA..."sour cream apple squares". SO GOOD.
    Enjoy your day.

  14. Oh yum!! Love all of those meals. you've given me an idea for a lunch - eggs on a bed of leaves like that with yummy bread and oil. How simple yet I couldn't come up with it myself;) Thanks, lovely xx

  15. Oh stop! You're making me hungry. You could start a cooking blog Tania! It all looks wonderful. :)

  16. Everything looks so yummy! I love cooking from Winter on the Farm too, and really want him to write some more seasons :)

  17. Yum. Can I come to your house, please? xxoo


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