Wednesday, October 10, 2012

eight little things

Eight little things making me smile this week:

  1. a yoghurty kind of mess - and almost back to her normal self - thank you for the well wishes and hints yesterday
  2. scones with quince jam and cream
  3. rainbows
  4. the blossom tree from the bathroom window
  5. a new knitting project - a vest for Julia - from Lovely Knits for Little Girls (a lucky library find)
  6. an unflattering op shopped maxi dress turned into a maxi skirt for Julia
  7. a new, though slow going, sewing project
  8. seeds waiting to be planted

What little things are making you smile this week?


  1. Most definately the warm sunshine and the children wanting to play outside till dark.

  2. That dress pattern is exactly the type I am looking for. I have a thrifted dress that after years of wear is getting thread bare in places and this is a similar design. I'd love to recreate it from a vintage sheet. Where did you purchase it?
    Good to see Violet is on the mend.

  3. Oh that rainbow yarn would make me smile! So lovely to hear that Miss Violet is one the mend. Making me smile....lounge room boats with ribbon and paper anchors, opening a new jar of our home made quince jelly for morning tea pikelets, my little climbing man who overnight has decided that up high is best! WIshing you a gorgeous rest of your week with oodles of time to work on that beautiful dress :) x

  4. I had a dress just like that..with the flarey the '70s when I was about fourteen! It had purple and puce flowers on a cream background and I wore puce (maroon) patent leather shoes with it..haha.

  5. Sigh. That rainbow. Wow. When can I come and visit?! :)

  6. The dress pattern looks a bit tricky. You are braver than me. I go for simple patterns.
    Yum, I so feel like scones now.
    Good to hear that Violet is on the mend.
    What makes me smile this week...still be on holiday from work and visiting many new thrift shops further afield, where I have finally found some vintage sheets. Yeah :)


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