Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Things have been fairly busy here lately. Not just the christmas things, but all those other jobs that you like to wrap up before christmas (so you can relax after christmas of course). Things like cleaning out cupboards, planting trees (two moptop Robinia's in this instance) in the front yard and sewing clothes for the holidays. Sometimes we make things much harder for ourselves!

On the christmas front, I have wrapped the school "Secret Santa" gifts for the kids, that the parents are providing, handed out at presentation night by the man in red himself. I will (yes, I will) sit down and write out that menu for christmas day. I've had requests for a ham, a pork roast and trifle. Sounds very much like last christmas. As for presents, I'm hoping to make a batch of jam this week, as well as some fimo beads for necklaces.

Do you like my roses? Though these David Austin's don't make the best cutting flower, and their beauty is fleeting, I can't tell you how cheering it is to have my own flowers in the house. We'd never stayed long enough in our other houses to get to enjoy the rewards of our plantings.

As you can see the kids have a billycart now. A garage sale find on the weekend and so far enjoyed by all. Though I must say it is a little nerve racking to see your oldest and youngest speeding down the driveway. Two little daredevils.

Yes, I 'm thinking it will be another rather busy week.

How are you getting along?
What is on your christmas menu this year?
Have you been crafting or working on projects?


  1. Your roses are beautiful, they remind me of the St. Anne roses that I have planted, they aren't the best for cutting, but they are so pretty.

  2. I'm with you on the busyness factor but much less as my kids are two in number and not yet at school. Our christmas is this Sunday so all my crafting has been brought forward with much anxiety hahaha. I just baked some beads last night and now only to make the lemon butter and shortbreads before I then turn my attention to the menu. But I know there will be squeaky cheese kebabs, sorbets and christmas tree cupcakes. I hope you get it all done and then relax a little! xxx Fi

  3. What a gorgeous teapot! The colours go so well together! tania if you don't mind me asking which fabric are you using these in the last picture? I'd love to make something for a friend and I'm trying to hunt down small florals that I like :)

    Sophie xo

  4. Your photos totally suck me in ( in a good way) just love them. The wrapped pressies are very striking.

  5. Hi Sophie, the floral is Betsy by Liberty from Patchwork on Central Park which you can find here


    It is a little exy but is a little christmas treat :)

  6. roses in a teapot...doesnt get much better.... i adore the colours in that pic!
    Allison x

  7. oh snap honey! I've done a jam session and started giving them out as gifts. Our clay bead neckalaces have been a hit too - oh it;s so delightful to make gifts. Your two little daredevils look so smitten with their new toy too!

  8. I spy a Roald Dahl book - my favourite is the BFG - we have his collection of books in our house and am encouraging Bell to read them all! We have a similar cart - it's very good exercise for me as I end up having to lug the boys around on it - faster mum faster!

  9. I was just reading your skirt post and 'slow fashion' just hit me. I realised that most of our projects are crammed in so we get the most done in the shortest time..and that equals pressure. I think I would like a 'slow Christmas'...as simple as possible with a few special projects I can do properly over the next couple of weeks. We'll see..definitely a thought for next Christmas though. p.s..I do love your green jug with the pink roses..love it, love it!

  10. Oooh a billy cart! What a find!! Your babies will play with that for ever. And maybe their babies will come back to Nana and Pa's to ride it too (like mine do!). Your liberty fabric looks gorgeous...can't wait to see what you whip up. Just roll with that christmas menu. You always seem to cook gorgeous things so just fly by the seat of your pants...somewhat. Hope your days are gorgeous :) x

  11. Love your roses, they look gorgeous in that vase/jug. I have one bush that flowers, always tricky in our humidity but the frangipanis are all out so the grass is littered with yellow stars. My boy loved Roald Dahl until we got the James and the Giant peach where within the first chapter both his parents are dead and that was it, no more Mr Dahl ( i had no idea as i had never read it before!) he did love danny champion of the world though. mel x

  12. Beautiful gift wrapping.
    Sewaholic patterns, I havent come across them before. love your choice of fabric.

  13. It's funny how we add to that never ending to-do list at the busiest time of the year. As far as xmas goes, we're prepared but I've been biten by the spring clean bug...again! And right in the middle of trying to launch my online store, it's crazy.
    Love the go-cart...it's a project that Dawson plans on working on over the summer.
    Gorgeous roses Tania, love that teapot too.

  14. Ahh yes I'm travelling ok with Christmas but it has been getting the better of me this week. I do have some shopping planned this week so hopefully I get most things crossed off the list. I still have a bit of sewing to go, some little shoes for my niece and a little fabric cubby for my nephews, shouldn't take too long. I've also got a top cut out, it would be nice to have it to wear for Christmas but I won't stress about that just yet. I hope your week is going well. xx


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