Tuesday, February 12, 2013

sunshiney tea leaves

Some knits are just faster off the needles than others. This was not one of those projects, but rather, one of those ones that takes far longer than you first thought. Not for the fault of the pattern either, which is really very good, but more from a series of stops and starts. Firstly for forgetting where I was up to, and then another problem altogether.

I think I cast on for Violet's Tiny Tea Leaves way back in October last year. You may already know how much I love this pattern. Julia's Tea Leave's was worn constantly last Winter, and I thought it would be nice to have a matching one for Violet. In a non matching way of course.

I used a soft bright sunshiney coloured wool from Nundle Woollen Mill's online store. It was lovely to work with and had a fair bit of drape to it. Which was almost my undoing on this project.

I knitted up the size two and it is still quite big. Big enough to fully roll up the garter cuffs at this stage. But not to worry, as I am sure it will be fitting a little better in no time. I'm not quite sure as to what happened to the intended three quarter length in the pattern, but full length sleeves are more practical in these colder parts anyway.

The buttons were from my button collection. A leather pair picked up from an op shop in Wonthaggi. It's a pleasant reminder when you can incorporate little finds from past trips in projects.

I actually cast this off just after christmas. All was apparently fine and dandy, bar a few little decreases that I worked the wrong way. That was, until it came to the blocking part. At which point the neckline stretched like you wouldn't believe. And did not go back either.

So I googled, I gentle machine washed this time and I blocked again. With no luck. Then on a googling session I discovered this advice, from the Yarn Harlot, which essentially shows how to reinforce a loose edge with chain stitch crochet inside the neckline. Written in a most entertaining way, I will add.

Which worked. Thank goodness. It's good to learn these little tricks sometimes. Good for getting yourself out of a knitting pickle.

Of course all's well that ends well in the world of knitting.

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  1. I love the colour and the wee buttons are perfect. I would love a cardi just like that for winter. xo

  2. Morning Tania. Your newest creation looks lovely and very wise to knit the bigger size. They grow so quickly at the age, don't they. I just have to say again how beautiful your children are. It looks like Violet will be just as pretty as Julia.

  3. A lovely colour and the perfect choice of buttons.
    As the weather cools and little Violet grows I'm sure this piece will get plenty of wear.

  4. Your knit turned out beautifully Tania and those buttons match it perfectly. I do love the advice from Yarn Harlot, it certainly made me giggle:) x

  5. Oh its sweet! I have a Kina I knit for my 10 year old and the neckline is to big on her...I will go and check out yarn harlot :D

  6. That's so bright and cute for winter.
    You are clever too, to think to google the neckline problem, I probably would have hidden it in the back of the cupboard for many months, before ripping in and starting again.

    cheers Kate

  7. I love my Tea Leaves cardigan, and I just wish I had a daughter to wear a matching one with! How funny, I put vintage leather knotted buttons on my version as well! They just go so perfectly )

  8. I have plans to make a tea leaves for my girl this Winter and this lovely yellow one has convinced me. It's so great when you can find the much needed solution to a problem...especially a funny one. Wishing you a beautiful week :) x

  9. not sure what I like more...the buttons or the name Wonthaggi!
    this is a really sweet jacket...adore the colour!
    Allison x

  10. :) Oh how lovely...and sunshiny is a perfect way to describe the colour of the wool!

  11. Drawing the neckline in by threading some hat elastic through the neckline is a good idea too. It also works well with cuffs that are a bit baggy as well. All that sunshiney yellow will light up all those winter days ahead!

  12. It's gorgeous Tania. I'm still plodding along with my size 12 Tiny tea leaves and I actually stopped it to do a quick scarf because I realised how long it was going to take me and needed something quicker to keep me motivated. I really LOVE your buttons :-) Mel x

  13. As the Yarn Harlot says, if gauge actually worked knitters would not be thought of as being as generous as they, because things would actually fit and be kept - rather than giving them away to someone who fits them. :)

    So glad all ended well! That is a neat trick and one I shall have to remember. The colour is divine and I have a super soft spot for those leather buttons. I've used similar op-shopped ones on Cohen's hand knits before and they remind me of my Grandfathers cardigans - in a good way!

    What's next on the needles? :)

  14. It looks superb. So bright and happy!

  15. Very cute.
    I made it in yellow too...it's somewhere at www.dotandlala.blogspot.com
    (a blog I'm intent on actually posting to this year!)

  16. LOVE it! love the colour the style and those buttons are adorable! well done x


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