Monday, June 3, 2013

crafty plans

This past weekend we travelled to our nearest Spotlight store and I had a few enjoyable hours of checking out yarn and fabric rolls and flicking through a few crafty books. Thankfully, both the dress fabric and yarn were on sale. Always a good thing to point out to the patient husband. I felt a little extra organized this time around because I brought a notebook in which I had written down yarn and fabric requirements for the projects I'd like to attempt this winter. Of course it was only a few patterns in the end that I managed to find suitable fabric and yarn for, not the least because I did have a budget to stick to. Not to mention the tired toddler that only wanted to be held by me.

I thought you might like to see what I came back with. First on my list to make now is the Wiksten Tova, and I thought the raspberry plaid cotton would be perfect. The olive paisley cotton poplin I can see being made into a Darling Ranges dress, which should be good for layering. The grey floral with tiny strawberries will likely become a Sunki for Julia. Of course I am only hoping that I will have more time for sewing than I've had lately. My corner of the sewing room has been sadly neglected of late.

As for the yarn, I came home with some lovely Cleckheaton mustard yellow and I am hoping to turn it into a Fisherman's Pullover for Violet. The blue ModaVera will hopefully become a My Honey cardigan for Julia. Goodness, I am going to be busy. That is a lot of yarn.

Do you have any winter crafty plans?


  1. I can't wait to see your crafty creations once you get them done!!!
    I'm struggling to find any time to do anything crafty lately and somehow I don't see that changing for a while yet. This was meant to be my year to learn to sew but so far zilch! Crochet is keeping me from feeling totally useless on the crafting front at least but even that has very small snippets of time allocated to it.

    Oh well one day!!! lol

  2. That wiksten tova top will look lovely in that plaid cotton Tania. I only wrote down yesterday all the crafty projects I have sitting waiting for me to tackle and I counted seven so no more buying for me at the moment. For this winter I want to finish my Alpine Frost shawl and a ripple blanket for our bed oh and some pyjamas for Miss 9 for camp too, I think that should keep me busy lol. Enjoy your winter crafting Tania:) x

  3. Lovely purchases and projects! How easy it is to while away hours in Spotlight stores...
    I've only got small projects in mind, I'm an average knitter / crocheter and can't machine sew. I have handstitched a bedding set for my daughter's birthday present, a thrifted doll cot, from a, again thrifted, cot sheet. Haha, I love op shops! There are always scarfs going, dreaming of starting a big single bed size blanket which I have had the yarn for for years now. The odd dolly blanket and such.

  4. Gorgeous colors!!!

    My *summer* craft plans involve lots of crochet! Baby blankets galore :-) My big project, though, will involve a Granny Square blanket that will include little crocheted owls! Granny Squares and the owls are brand new to me, so the learning curve will be steep, but I am excited for it!

  5. I always love your taste in colours and patterns. Can't wait to see the end result - you WILL be a busy chicken:)

  6. Oh they both look like lovely designs. And those colours are beautiful! :) I'd love to learn to knit or crochet! But I think I'll stick with quilting/sewing for now! :) Going to help my teenage neighbour sew a quilt for her new bedroom! :)

  7. The fabric and yarn is lovely Tania :-) I hope you do get the time to make them all up...I'd love to see them! I especially like the poplin! x

  8. Oh wow, can't wait to see your creations! Lots of crafty plans here too - I'm in the middle of buying fabrics to make my little one's patchwork quilt just like I made for her big sister. I also bought two vintage patterns last week for pinafores and dresses that I'm itching to find fabric for and to start making for both girls. Happy crafting Tania xx

  9. I went to Spotlight yesterday too and came home with 10 metres of flannelette fabric and 3 balls of wool for pjs and gloves and hats. Didn't really need any of it but I enjoyed it all! Happy crafting!?

  10. You have a lot planned there Tania but each project sounds so special...what a clever Mama you are!
    I am trying to get some Winter clothes sewn for the twins before Winter actually ends and i also want to try my hand at a couple of little Waldorf dolls.
    Enjoy those projects...hope you get a little more crafty time x

  11. Thanks for the inspiration Tania!!
    I've been needing something to do in the evenings and after seeing your Spotlight stash, remembered that I had a few balls of the same. So an in three's cardy for my granddaughter is on the needles and I'm happy to be continuing on my knitting learning curve!!
    Looking forward to seeing your finished knits too!

  12. hello tania,
    wonderful pattern for these pretty the colours of the wool.
    i will knitt more socks,hats,scarves and for my husband a jumper ( gift for christmas).
    wish you luck with your projects,

  13. You are so gifted! I love your taste in fabric and colors. Happy crafting@

  14. Loving your crafty plans too! Makes me itch to make my own list, but first I must get some of my other projects finished. More time would be great! I seem to be spending most of my 'free' time doing jewellery repairs at the bench lately, which is great money wise, but not as exciting creativity wise. :)

  15. Looks like fun! I like that paisely a whole lot. Happy sewing!


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