Wednesday, January 8, 2014

christmas holidays

Nigella's Italian Christmas Pudding Cake. Just like last year.

Violet's Christmas stocking made up with a little old wool, needlework doily, ribbon and a little appliqued Liberty.

Christmas came and went this year without too much of a fuss. Sure there was that dreaded last Christmas shop, a fair bit of cooking (but not nearly so much as in other years past), and many days spent at home both with family and just ourselves. There has been some adjusting and compromising along the way as we haven't had the liberty of time that we've had in previous years. Sad to say not much at all in the way of handmade. Though Violet did finally get her stocking on Christmas Eve.

Brown paper, stamps we already had, string, bark, black marker and gumleaves made for budget wrapping this year.

 It has taken almost three weeks to really get into the routine of holidays. Holidays should be easy, right? Well, it is nice to imagine that it will be, but reality often reveals a different story. Sometimes all that time together brings out the very worst in us. There were clashes (I felt like I did nothing but break up fights amongst the kids for 2 weeks straight), there was the annual analyze your life discussions, as well as stopping to count all the jobs that need to be done around the house.

So although I have a small pile of pretty fabric just sitting there waiting to be made into a summer wardrobe of sorts, my house is only half clean and I have a sore throat, I can happily say that we are just now beginning to get into the swing of the holidays and truly enjoy each others company.  We've been enjoying homemade ice cream, allowing a few more treats than usual into the house (anyone else love panettone?), changing rooms around, long talks and having movie nights at home.

Funny, isn't it, that the week full of swimming lessons that I had been dreading has turned out the be the best week yet? But life is like that. Swimming lessons have gotten us all into the pool, with a coffee, lemonade or ice cream afterwards. Followed by a few lazy afternoons.

Our bottle fed calf has kept us grounded at home this holidays, but I think this has been a blessing in disguise. It has been good for us to just be at home doing home things.

Sadly it may be the final week that we are together as Daniel may be back to work next week. But I'm hoping that we can bring just a little holiday feeling with us as we get back into the daily grind of life. The odd movie night and a few more ice creams may be just what we need.

I do hope you are all enjoying and have enjoyed your christmas and new years break. Happy new year!


  1. I've missed your happenings. Happy New Year Tania Enjoy the rest of your holidays xoxo

  2. I hear you on the sibling fights well mostly the 10 year old brother annoying the 7 year old sister and a little bit of the other way around. I'm tired and exhausted and all I seem to be doing is getting cranky because every room in the house has stuff from one end to the other and I can't get on top of things and still sorting out the fights. Today I took them skating for 2 hrs so they got exercise and I took my laptop and edited photos for my 2013 project life album so we were all a bit more relaxed this afternoon. I made a beautiful chicken and roast veggies however I bought a Piri Piri Chicken flattened in a pack with the marinate thinking it looked so nice but holly molly (there was mostly chilli and it was so hot) that basically the 3 of us couldn't eat it and the sauce had dripped around the potatoes so they were too spicy too. We ended up eating vegemite on toast and home made ice cream and then watching "Mr Bean" on DVD and now kids are in bed and I'm going to watch a DVD I got out on $1 Tuesdays. Yes having kids home for 8 weeks is lovely but exhausting and there is food eaten throughout the whole day, not just at meal times and morning and afternoon. Your Christmas Dessert looked wonderful and Happy New Year to you too. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia

  3. Your Christmas table looks stunning. Love the vintage linens and crockery.
    Enjoy the holiday time with your lovely little family.

  4. I do love holidays at home, getting a few things done around the house. I like the sound of homemade ice-cream and movie nights I'm sure it will be a fun treat for all of you over the holidays. Have a wonderful holiday Tania. x

  5. Hi, welcome back!
    That is a very pretty Christmas table setting.
    We are in the midst of 2 weeks of daily swimming lessons. And moving house.

    I am finding that the daily lessons give a break from all the packing and boxes and mess of moving house.

  6. Hi, welcome back!
    Such a pretty Christmas table setting!
    We are in the midst of 2 weeks of swimming lessons. It is my favourite time of the year.

  7. Christmas over your way sounds lovely and your table looks lovely. after lots of lazy days between Christmas and New Years, I felt as though holidays only really began for us this week too. We haven't done anything monumental yet though, just catch-ups with friends and lots of swimming in the neighbours pool. Enjoy the rest of your holidays xx

  8. Oh, happy Christmas at home to you, too! This year I did not travel during the holidays and it was such a relief. Much less hectic! And still a very merry time with friends and family to be had. I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

    Your Christmas wrapping is the coolest wrap job I've ever seen. I love the nature bits included! Its the perfect "bow."

    And on a wildly unrelated note--that wall mounted bookshelf in your living room is incredible. I'd never thought of such an idea! And I like it a lot. I'm talking--and its definitely still talking at this point--at seeing what sort of carpenter I can be and build myself a book shelf. Now I want to build and mount one!

  9. My Kindle is messing up. If I double posted my comment please delete one.

    My wife went up to see our kids for the holidays, so it was just the ferrets and me on the mountain top. But we enjoyed it, I got them squeaky toys for their presents. They love those.

    You have a very nice looking family.

  10. Happy New Year to you all as well!

  11. Your table setting looked very sweet and dainty! Great pics!


  12. Um , I love Panettone...I love it so much that by the third one that came into the house, I had to put a ban on it....but...its nearly Easter, and I know they will be in the shops again soon, and I will lift the
    School holidays were not long enough, by the time we all stopped fighting, and were relaxed, and loving being together, school said we had to stop .....I actually dislike school at the moment, big time...actually, Im disliking anything that tells me when and what I have to do and at what time....I need Panetonne....oh yes I do....

  13. Yes, a time of transition into holidays. But I miss them so much now.

  14. Hi tania, miss you heaps, hope you are all well xxBrenda

  15. Hi Tania,
    I've been really missing your lovely blog and thoughts on life. I hope you are well and life is treating you all well.

    cheers Kate


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