Sunday, March 20, 2011


Mending is one of those things. The basket sits there, and every time you walk past you think " I must do some mending". But you don't. And then one day, when the basket is full and you are in the mood, you finally sit down with the needle and thread. It is the one time I allow myself to turn on a little daytime tv (shh don't tell anyone!) and I start mending. A few socks and t-shirts later I am all done. Then I wonder why it took me so long to complete a less-than-one-hour chore.

 It does feel good to have that basket empty once again.

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BLD in MT said...

I know! I always put it off and put it off and put it off...and in the end in never takes long. Why is that? My mother does it too. Apparently we are not along.