Friday, December 16, 2011


  1. last years Etsy houses
  2. " "
  3. making cuppuccinos
  4. new wool
  5. chocolate fairy cakes with vanilla cream and icing
  6. a wonky heart
  7. from the garden
  8. last years stockings and yes I did accidentally make them them face the wrong way
  9. a start on the christmas cake
  10. her sisters dolly


Vic said...


Tammi said...

How cute are those houses :)
That yarn is the PERFECT shade of yellow!!


one claire day said...

Could just dive into that plate of chocolate cakes!

Love the houses and 'wrong foot' stockings ;) x

Jode said...

Love the exploration of dolly and that wonderful old book collection!

Allana said...

Gorgeous :)
My Nan has always had her coffee from a mug just like yours, I used to drink the sugary cm at the bottom when I was young (sound gross now!)
Thanks for sharing your wonderful moments, and reminding me of mine :)

Posie Patchwork said...

I adore them all but the baby poking the eyes out of the doll, too adorable, dollies are evil! Love Posie

Hinterland Mama said...

I just LOVE every photo in this post. Those book stacks are to die for. I'm going to do exactly that right now. (There's not enough room in my book cases for neat rows, anyhow!)

Kindred Spirits said...

Tania your blog is so perfectly me!. I am so happy to have discovered you. I love your christmas 'stamping'-i think I need a kit. What a great life in the country-something we dream of doing too! Belindax

Paula said...

Beautiful shots, Tania. Wow, you've been busy! I want to add that I was also really moved by your Christmas story post ...was having a fading iPhone battery moment when I tried to comment. You're a wonderful mumma :)

ashley said...

oh dear, am lost and drooling over the divine looking chocolate cake. lovely post.