Thursday, October 20, 2011

home life

  1. before there was mud cake there was fudge cake
  2. a little knitting confidence was regained this week on this project
  3. big brothers are our hero
  4. thinking about christmas already
  5. bread dough blogged here
  6. new labels for the garden for when I've finished all that weeding
  7. fresh pillowcases and the removal of all things flannel
  8. a new old tray
  9. another softie to work on

I do hope yours has been a lovely week so far!


  1. I love that new old tray, they pattern is gorgeous and the colours are beautiful.

  2. It's all lovely, the kids playing, those unbaked buns, the fabric, and ooh, what is that recipe? I've been wanting to get a good olive oil cake (my attempts/ recipes I've used so far have not been good!) and your knitting is so neat!

  3. Your week looks just lovely! I love how you are welcoming spring as we open our hearts to fall.
    Did you prepare the Olive Oil Raspberry cake? That is a recipe I would love to try.

  4. beautiful home life tania. your children are too cute and your home has such a great feel to it. levi and i were talking christmas decorations the other day. eeek!! enjoy your day. xo.

  5. Just love that pic with big brother...nothing like the pure joyous smile of a bub is there?
    Your bread looks great sitting there, perhaps time to move outside my comfort zone and try a new recipe!
    I always get a little sad putting the flannel away even though it means better weather is upon us....if you don't count those summer storms!

  6. Where to start? Loving your home life...the little knitted vest and tray are gorgeous and those garden labels are fab!
    Liking the sound of the raspberry cake...but all the same fudge cake will always be a favourite :)
    Eek, just over 12 wks till Xmas, where has the time gone?

    Enjoy the rest of your week Tania.


  7. love the little glimpses into your life! looks gorgeous :)

  8. Hello Tania,

    What a lovely blog you've got!

    As a Parisian living in the noise and stress of the city, I truly admire your way of life. Your kids are beautiful and you make adorable things with them. Very charming!

    You are welcome to meet me here:

    Have a lovely day :)

  9. I love seeing the snippets of your home and life! So inspiring and warm. I am also quite envious of your grey and yellow blanket on your couch - it's gorgeous!

  10. Love that new tray, and all your photos are a little bit of bliss as usual. melx

  11. oh, love it all- especially the tray, pillowcases,knitting, bread (mmmm!) and sibling time! x

  12. Beautiful pictures. This looks like the perfect week to me!

    Katie x

  13. I tried that no knead bread yesterday. I halved the recipe and it turned out really yummy. Perfect with some nice olive oil. I do miss kneading though...but it's a good trick to have up my sleave when time is an issue. Thanks! Hope you guys are feeling better.


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