Monday, November 19, 2012

an indoor outdoor weekend

We mulched.We planted. Basil, chocolate mint (amazing scent, I tell you), lemongrass, penstemon and an assortment of free cuttings from a neighbouring farm. Julia harvested our first strawberries of the season. We need to think about replacing most of the tomato plants we lost to an (unforecast) frost on Friday night. Empty glass jars are sitting ready in anticipation of any more such frosts. We hooked up a long hose which will be a welcome relief from the hour long daily task of hand watering the vegie garden.

In indoor moments I have been reading little bits here and there from a new library pile. Can there be such a thing as too many good books at once? I think there can be, just a little, as it does lead to indecision. Which one to read? But there are some very enjoyable titles there and I think I will be a little reluctant to return them when the time comes.

I cooked up the refried beans on homemade flatbread from River Cottage Veg. It was really very good, as all Hugh's recipes tend to be. Simple but good.

I embroidered another christmas tree bunting for the ornament swap. Using Cottage Garden Threads cotton again, but this time in the variegated shade of Bush Christmas, which I thought was quite fitting.  Now onto stuffing and backing these little trees.

I hope you are all safe and well, particularly those in the areas battered by storms on the weekend. My old hometown even had a waterspout event (of which my want-to-be storm chaser son was highly interested in). We didn't experience any wild weather here, but it has been raining all morning. Good for the garden and water tanks, which were getting very low.

Hoping that your Monday is a pleasant one.


  1. sounds for a wonderful weekend! i love a good pile of books to go through too and i've got my eye on jaime's 15 minutes meals and we love the idea and have watched a few on the telly. hope you get some warmer weather now to avoid any more loss to the frost!

  2. We were in the garden too. And this morning I decided to change our usual Monday routine for a drive to the beach - the boys were tired this morning so the sea did them some good I think.

  3. The storms were pretty wild here, but nothing as cool as a water spout. We managed to keep power and have the new water tank filled up too. I had planned a weekend in the garden, but only got so far as removing the spent cherry tomato plants before the rain started. It seems so strange that our local climates are so different. We have harvested many tomatoes this year and your season is yet to begin.

    That rose is so unusual. I've not seen one like it before. It's beautiful. And so is your stitching! :)

  4. The refried beans with salad on the flatbread looks inviting.

  5. I have the issue with so many beautiful books and not enough time to sit and read them all.
    Your River Cottage flat bread looks delicious. I have heard so many great things about Hugh's books but am yet to get hold of one.

  6. Wow - your library has 15min meals already !! What it like? I have 30min meals, its ok, but can get confusing because the recipes jump all over the place! I'm in complete love with our 'Veg Everyday', so far, every recipe we've tried has been great.
    Pity about the frost, I think winter has returned here so you guys must be really feeling it up there - lucky you've got some lovely handknits to see you through!

  7. You will love the CWA cookbook. I have it and it is great! Do yourself a favour and try the savoury cob on page 116 it is to die for!! My family, including extended family, love it so much is constantly on the request list. It works equally well with shop bought or homemade bread.
    Another good one is the chicken pie on page 158. I usually add bacon and any leftover vegies I have on hand. The kids love it!
    I really enjoy this book because it has 'normal' food in it, if you know what I mean. I hope you enjoy it too.

    Happy reading

  8. Sounds like a wonderful weekend doing all the things you enjoy...I don't think you can ever have too many good books on the go. Weather was rather wild here and bit scary at times. especially the first storm I was caught out with my daughter at her waterpolo game, so we had to hide out in the grandstand for over half an hour...must say she was rather a mess & really scared. But all safe & sound, the good thing is our garden is nice and green now:)

  9. I would love your weekends! Gorgeous pile of books! I need to go to the library more often but am always late returning as I am a librarian ! (a school one though. ) we are the worst borrowers of all time! Gorgeous decorations in swap - I have just posted mine all off. :)

  10. i have never seen anything like that waterspout. nature is pretty amazing. your mint sounds wonderful. i love your flower photo. so beautiful. xo

  11. Sounds like a great weekend! The rose is beautiful

  12. Sounds like a blissful weekend - you have motivated me to raid my local library for inspiration now :). Oh, and I thought the waterspout pictures looked excellent too!

  13. My twelve year old and i are working our way through every river cottage dvd available from a library within a 15km radius of home at the moment. we're obsessed. makes me want to move back to the country.

  14. Every pic in your blog looked fab. Your sewing on your trees is lovely!

  15. We live in France and one of the main things I miss is access to a library - we have a library but no English books. I bought River Cottage Veg last time I was back in the UK and have loved all the recipes I have tried - now I must try the refried beans! I love to read cookery books so I wish HFW had organised the book by seasons, it would make it more logical for me.
    I am watching Jamie on the TV most days - some cheat ingredients but very inspiring.

  16. Mmmmmmm....fresh strawberries are divine!

    Waterspouts are very cool to me, but I cannot imagine ever seeing one!

    And I love that curse of too many good books! It happens to me all the time!


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