Monday, January 7, 2013

home again

garden c/o my mother and father in law

Home again. We've been up and down the coast, spending several days in both Bermagui and Kiama and then through the highlands visiting family for the past week. We thoroughly enjoyed the company, the coastal air, the beach swimming and the wonderful food and hospitality. But it is a good thing to arrive home safely from all the crazy traffic and to sleep in ones own bed.

Since we've been back it's been too hot here to do anything else than laze around indoors. The grass is more dead than we've ever seen it before. A few of the fruit trees are suffering. We've had our first ant infestation indoors. The fire warning signal went off twice yesterday. But the wind blew the fire in the opposite direction.

So we're bracing for more hot weather in the coming days. Hoping that the garden can cope with the stress of the heat. Hoping that the nearby fires stay under control. Hoping that we don't all drive each other mad in this heat.

And you? How has your week been? I'm hoping to catch up on a little blog reading today. Though I must say I feel as if I have been absent for quite some time. My blogging feels a little rusty and my fingers feel awkward on the keyboard.

Hoping that you are all staying safe, and especially those near the frightening Tasmanian fires right now. Stay safe friends.


  1. Blow up pool filling up right now in the back yard........we are blessed, truly blessed with shade in our on hot days like today heading into the 40/s...our yard is like a precious three monkeys will be whooping away in there very soon....hope you can stay cool, I may sneak in some sewing today while the monkeys play...

  2. It's lovely to see you back! I was wondering where you were, then I saw I had missed your last post when I was away! Happy 2013. I like to get home after a few days away too! Would love to see the pergola!

  3. Sounds like a lovely trip - but I agree, sleeping in your own bed can't be beaten!
    Stay safe from the fires, xx

  4. oh sounds like a lovely trip, but i also now how nice it is to get back home! wishing you a cooler week, a slower one and hope those fires stay away!

  5. Lovely to see you back...i only just jumped back into the blogging pool today too so i know what you mean about rusty!
    I love that dress Violet is wearing...gorgeous girl! We are spending a lot of time ion the paddling pool and my garden is suffering terribly! I do hope the fires stay away from you...have a great week x

  6. Happy New Year Tania! Lovely to see you back. Violet is not looking like a baby anymore. Have a great week. xo

  7. I know what you mean about the grass. This weather is getting scary again! When will it ever rain?!! We've lost our cherry tree and I'm watching a shade tree I planted slowly die. And the cfa website is open all day and checked often!

  8. Worrying about you today, Tania. So hoping you guys are OK and that the fire has kept away. Very scary day here with fires way too close and loved ones at risk. Looks like it's under good control now. Hoping the fires up your way are controlled and you are all safe. Thinking of you xxx

  9. Take care, Tania, in this heat. I hope the fires don't come anywhere near you and your precious family.

  10. Tania I hope you don't hear any more fire alarms over the next few days. Scary.
    Those rusty blog fingers will be back, just keep've been missed!
    Stay safe and cool.

  11. Hoping all is well with you Tania and that you are keeping safe during this hot weather. Thinking of you. x

  12. Welcome home Tania, and happy new year!
    Yes , the heat is intense, isn't it?
    My week has been partly about trying to save my veggies from said heat. Win some, lose some in this climate.
    Your inlaws' garden looks amazing and lush.

  13. I sometimes feel that holidays away from home are meant to do just that - make you so much more appreciative of HOME when you do return. Sometimes all it needs is a little perspective.


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