Thursday, January 17, 2013


(the roses continue to bloom despite the weather)

Thank you for your kinds words in my last post. I can report that the fire seems to be well contained and although there is a little smoke, it is apparently the smoke of containment lines.
So I've been doing loads of washing, and quite a bit of ironing (not managing to fold those creasable jeans and dresses straight away). Life has some normality to it once again.

Trying to salvage what is left of these school holidays hasn't been the easiest. It's mostly too hot for the kids to play outside, Daniel is back at work and I've been having wisdom tooth issues. The younger kids have been doing a little craft but I'm afraid the tv has been on far more longer than I would like.

I've never been one for New Years resolutions, but I can see that although much has been out of my control this year, that I need to re-organize myself a little, and get back on track with more vegetables and whole grains. Less sugar. For the past several weeks have been mainly about convenience, and I am not feeling the better for it.

a bouquet from my Mum

Sometimes it just so happens,  that your life doesn't really align with your ideals, that the values you hold close, seem to go by the wayside. Whether this is work, housework, what we eat or how we spend our free time. I can see a need to slow down and re-evaluate things. In all areas.

But I'm not beating myself up about this. Some things are totally out of your control. If anything, it makes your realize that making things yourself, having your routines and seeking out or growing the best for you food, is a far more satisfying way to live. I feel that sense of satisfaction naturally spreads to the rest of the family. But I guess life is like that. Constantly changing, and sometimes a need to re-evaluate your purpose and work out what is best for your family.

So although my (yet to fruit!) tomatoes are half dead, although I will miss the convenience of sliced bread and although I feel a need to wean myself off the commercial chemically laden washing powder that makes my whites whiter than white, I am looking forward to getting back on track. In a simple living way, so to speak.

And I'm thinking a Mum and kid's day out is in order!


  1. This is a great post, thank you. Life has thrown our family a huge curve ball and the last 4 months has had me feeling like my life, my values and my ideals are a long way from the reality of our current day to day life. I too, am about to take back the reins, look at how I can work with the "new" situation and still remain true to those values, and get back on track.
    I hope you will post some more about how you bring things back and realign yourself.

    cheers Kate

    PS there has been far too much time spent watching tv and pc games here lately as well!

  2. this is a post that I needed to read!. ive blamed so much on Christmas, school holidays and the blasted heat, time to take back the reins! the past 2 days have been cooler and I can feel sanity returning. im starting with some meal planning....
    Allison x

  3. I'm with the above posts too! I can't believe the kids are back at school in 2 weeks and I'm really hoping to make the most of it. Like you I need to go back to the healthier food (my clothes are sending me a message loud and clear!!!) and my kids have watched their share of TV too :) Thanks for your post and so glad to hear you were untouched by the fires. Katie

  4. We have been away for a few days and only just caught up on your bushfire dramas. Good to know you are all safe as is your home. I totally get what you mean about life not exactly matching up to the ideals. My advice is relish in being a relaxed school holiday mother and conserve your energy for a fresh start when the years routine kicks in again. ( we have had more tv here too! mel x

  5. Wow, I must have missed you last post. It's a wild time of year. Glad you are all home safe and sound xx

  6. So glad you guys are all safe and the fires reach you. Such a scary time.

    Yah for mum and kids day out!! Maybe you need more than one of those days:)

  7. love this post! we are feeling like here too, will slowly start to shift back into old healthier and more productive habits :)

  8. Glad to hear you are all safe and well. Take care!

  9. I think a Mum and kid's day out sounds perfect! Lovely post <3

  10. I think that may be another reason why they call it the 'silly season' !! Glad to hear you are all safe ! I hope you can find a suitable swimming hole to keep cool and relax over the next 2 weeks!!
    Lauren :)

  11. Thanks Lauren :) Can you believe we're set for a 38 day tomorrow (which probably means 40!)?

  12. Heat in Perth is normal for me and given I'm from Tassie I still find it hard and I am sure it makes you tired beyond comprehension. Add some scary fires and it is no wonder your balance is thrown out. Don't beat yourself up. Sometimes having your balance thrown just gives more meaning to when you feel like your on track. Meanwhile my folks are clearing their property incase bushfires head Cygnet way. Take care over there. X

  13. This is the first week I haven't had visitors staying with us in 6 weeks (since Flynn was born) and I can't tell you how glad i am to have my house back, slow down again and get things back on track for the last few weeks before school goes back. Lovely Post. Mel x


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