Monday, March 18, 2013


Going away and coming home again can give you a new perspective on things. The trees seem bigger, apparently having gone through a growth spurt while we were away. The grass long and the weeds prolific. Greener than when we left. The house seems larger and more airy somehow.

But most importantly, is the feeling that is with you when you come home. Being away and seeing new places tends to bring a fresh perspective on things. We saw beautiful places, but although different to home, not any more beautiful.

Sometimes we see places along the way, places that might have cheaper farms or land and we toss these ideas around for awhile. But we have yet to decide if it is really the desire for more land or just the thrill of change that we are seeking. It is an idea we play around with from time to time. The grass is always greener isn't it? But we always come to the same conclusion.

Each time we come home and realise that we do have it pretty good here. It's a home we want to come home to, even though it is a small one. Do we really want to start all over again? We've put in so many trees, a large vegie garden and I do love my big kitchen. A lot of sweat (and sometimes tears) has gone into this place. The kids are very happy here, which really tips the scales for staying. 

It's been over three years now, and with each year there have been new projects ticked off the list. Each year we are getting to know our place just that little bit more, both the good and the bad. Through the bad growing seasons, through bushfires and droughts. The people out here are a tough breed, having endured these things many times over. They know that better times will come eventually. They stick it out, year in and year out. We're learning to.

Coming home makes me realise just how fortunate we are to live in this place. In this house, in this valley, in this tiny town. The sun is streaming through the window as I'm about to put on my second coffee for the day. The first frost of the season has already thawed (thank goodness we harvested and turned over the entire garden yesterday). A beautiful Autumn day has emerged. I must say, life is pretty good here.


  1. I concur Tania. There's something about 'home' that 'what might be' just can't fill. Perhaps it's to do with the memories and the bits of yourself that you've stamped all through the home. It grows on you and becomes so much a part of you. So much to be thankful for.

  2. So beautifully written Tania. We have a small home on a bigger than average house block I would love to live on some land though, the girls have a good school to go to and it works for us. I do know that I will be ready for a change since we've been here for 12 years now but not just yet, this is home and I love it for what it is. It sometimes takes seeing other places to really cement our feelings of just knowing we are where we need to be. x

  3. I totally agree too Tania, the excitement of adventures and new places and possibility is wonderful but so is coming home and with new appreciation of what was already there, almost like another new holiday, well at least for a week or so! mel x

  4. I'm so with you, Tania - home is so lovely to come back to. I'm a homebody at heart so my home means a lot to me. Going away always makes it even more special. I also know what you mean when you write about feeling a tiny bit torn about moving onto something bigger. I loved my purple house soooo much. it was my dream house. My son loved it too and never wanted to move. But the trouble with it was that it was only an acre and a quarter and right in town. I kept yearning for a bit more peace and space and a view. When push came to shove and we sold, mainly due to financial stuff not so much my yearnings, I was devastated. I missed it like crazy. But life now is sooo much lovelier than I thought it could be. We've downsized the house which I'm loving and upsized the land, also loving that. Se have space to move, a lovely view and no neighbours peering into out yard. I know I couldn't been perfectly happy living the rest of my life in the purple house but that yearning for more of a country life would've always been there at the back of my mind. I haven't had a grass is always greener moment since we bought this block. I haven't even looked on real estate websites for myself which is a huge first. I was forever doing that before. It's nice to not be yearning. Not trying to sway you to move, just thought I'd share my own stuff. I've blabbed on enough now....enjoy being at home:) xx

  5. Your home is beautiful Tania and it's so evident from reading your posts how much love and effort you put into making it a home. Such a gorgeous part of the world too. I totally agree that the longer you stay in a place and the more effort that goes into it, the more you love and appreciate it. We were quite unhappy for the 18 months we lived in Sydney even though we tried to make it a home. It just didn't suit us after coming from a farm with lots of space. Like the above comment, every night we would search for possible places to live on until we finally found a way to get back here. We made the decision to settle here but I am someone who loves change so I still struggle with the thought that I might be here for the rest of my life, even though I probably will be. Ahh you've really made me think tonight! Mel x

  6. This is a beautiful post Tania. I know exactly what you mean. Have a gorgeous week, xx

  7. And that is what makes a house a home xxBrenda

  8. Oh, this post has really struck a chord... we have been in our place for 3 and a half years but as we travel further down the path of a simpler life, we find ourselves longing for a different arrangement. More land and a straw bale passive solar home... We, too have put a lot of work into our place so the thought of starting over is daunting. If we do decide to do it, we know that we can achieve it with less money (a strong motivator). On the other hand... like you - we are aware of the fact that our kids are happy and settled (finally) after our move here.

    Is the grass greener on the other side? Who knows. I AM grateful for what we have as well, Tania.... GREAT post.

  9. Love this post Tania! Having put so much effort into our farm I totally understand how you feel. We have the thought of cheaper land, more land, less harsh conditions. Having put so much effort into the gardens I don't know I could leave. We are here for at least 10 years to get the kids through school etc and then well see. Xxx

  10. So true Tania.
    not owning our home and having moved 4 times over the past 5 years it has ment plenty of change.
    but with each new house it has felt more and more like home. maybe that's from the furniture and home wares we've collected along the way or the decorating style that's developed, or the savings that are growing that will one day buy our very own land and forever home.
    A lovely post Tania.


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