Monday, March 11, 2013

nice to be home


Well, it is nice to be back. Nice to be home. Nice to be sleeping in my (soft) bed, settling back into home life and using my coffee machine once again. It is also nice to be back in this little space again.

On Friday we arrived home from a two and a half week camping holiday in Victoria. In our camper trailer, as in our last big trip. There was a lot of driving to do, a lot of set ups and pack ups, but so much to see that we hadn't seen before. We thoroughly enjoy our trips to Victoria  with so many fascinating and beautiful places to visit.

From the Mornington Peninsula we (including car and camper) caught the ferry to Queenscliff. It was the kids first ferry ride and so was pretty exciting for them. I think I was just a little excited too. After a few days in Queenscliff, we headed off to do the Great Ocean Road, something none of us had seen before. Many parts were breathtaking and almost surreal, though there were certainly some crowds.

From beautiful Port Fairy to Melbourne, to the quaint little old mining town of Walhalla. Back home via the Great Alpine Road, with some days spent in Omeo and Bright.

Some of the camping was free, but most of it was in caravan parks, this proving to be the most convenient way to find accommodation late in the afternoon with three tired children, and also quite handy for the inevitable laundry visits. We would stay a few nights in each destination, although there was a lot of moving around this trip which is not always the best way to travel with a two year old. I think next time we may be better seeing a little less, but seeing more of each place.

Holidays, while being wonderfully refreshing and giving you chance to see new places, and meet interesting people along the way, truly do make you appreciate coming home.


  1. so glad you enjoyed Victoria and we put on some wonderful weather for you

  2. Sounds like a great holiday with many beautiful places of interest. Glad to have you back though. I love to pop by and see what you have all been up to.

  3. Love that fourth shot.
    Looks so full of fun, daggy, lovely warmth.
    And man, did you get around in 2 weeks or what?
    I reckon you've seen more of Victoria than Victorians!

  4. Welcome back I've missed your posts. It sounds like a you had a fantastic time away, I love these types of adventures. Enjoy settling back into home. x

  5. Welcome home! Nothing like sinking back into your own sheets after adventures away. xo

  6. sounds like you had a wonderful adventure making memories..but I'm glad you are back, I missed you.

    cheers Kate

  7. Beautiful pictures Tania! Glad to hear you had a nice time...but I agree, there's nothing like being back in your own bed! :-)

    Have a lovely week,
    Sarah xx

  8. Lovely holiday photos, Tania. Nothing like home, is there? Enjoyxx

  9. lovely holiday snaps! you were so close getting up to Bright...we were in Beechworth! I've always wondered at the simplicity of holidaying with a camper or caravan...that spontaneity of it is appealing, although I can see also that small children might not like all the moving around, but it sure does sound like you packed a lot in your holiday! Have a lovely week back at home x

  10. Have missed you around here.
    Happy to hear you had a good time away seeing the beautiful sights.

  11. ahhhh... that's where you've been, out exploring!! Welcome back, you were missed (here at least!) and looking forward to some lovely holiday snaps after you settle back into home life (and comfy beds!)

  12. I recognise those places, not too far from where I live :) I'm sure you had a lovely time, with new family memories made. Welcome back!

  13. I live in Walhalla!thanks for paying a visit to our little town:)

  14. Welcome Back! Lovely holiday photos (although I'm a bit sad you didn't get across to The Apple Isle :-) Such a good idea travelling during the school term without the crowds. And I agree, so nice to get home into your own bed. Mel x

  15. Thanks everyone, it is good to be back :)
    Hello to Carleene, you are very lucky to live in such a wonderful place!

  16. Nice to see you back. Looks like some gorgeous spots to add to the 'one day' list!


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