Wednesday, August 7, 2013

a few little things

A few little things brightening up life right now:

Nut loaf from Coming Home To Eat. Baked with spelt flour, sweetened with honey (speaking of honey did anyone else catch this story?) and I replaced the dates with dried apricots. Pretty good! Though I'm trying not to eat too much because it was made for a lunchbox treat afterall. I'm thinking the freezer option may be a good idea.

I received a parcel this week filled with the most beautiful handmade little clothes for Violet. Many of you will know the lovely Lea, and she was so very kind to pass these on. Aren't they just wonderful? Thank you Lea!

I finally made my first batch of playdough. It seems to be a hit, although the pink, red and green has now blended into a giant blob of funny brown. I do hope my crochet rug (cold frosty morning!) fared okay.

Slow but steady progress is being made on the Nituna jacket for Julia. She selected the pattern and the fabric (from the stash), while I chose the lining.  Hopefully it will be finished before Spring hits. I really should start sewing and knitting a season ahead!

What little things have been brightening your day lately?


  1. A beautiful set of photos and I was excited to see the loaf receipe was out of Jude's book because I have my books shipping on their way to me as I type. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia

  2. what a delightful parcel to get in the post. little girls things are just exquisite. The first signs of spring and playing with flowers are making me smile this week.

  3. Those clothes for Violet are adorable. Beautiful looking nut loaf.
    I,'ve been busy trying to finish my latest tea leaves whilst planning my next knitting project.

  4. Your nut loaf looks so yummy. I listened to the story about the honey....can't believe it. The regulations on food labelling & where food has come from need to be changed & updated, so that the consumer knows the true facts!
    I buy our honey from a Farmer's Market and the honey comes from an area about 1-2 hours from our home.

  5. Love those little clothes! Love them!
    A tip for making playdough: Instead of cooking it in a saucepan just add boiling water to the flour mix, it mixes up really quick and easy and there is no dirty saucepan to wash up! Try it, it's that easy, you'll want to make playdough everyday! :)

  6. What lovely snippets and gorgeous hand-me-down handmade clothes! (I'm yet to make playdough, but it is also on my list of things to do one day).

  7. Your blog really inspires me to try to love more simply. I have just ordered the cookbook your nut bread came from, as an incentive to cook with more wholefoods. Here's hoping it will work for us!

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  8. 7, 2013 at 6:07 PM

    The loaf looks delicious. I'm cooking from her Wholefoods Children at the mo. The honey fiasco is disgraceful, all the more reason to keep buying local honey.

  9. What gorgeous clothes for Violet. I loved Holly Hobby as a kid. I had a Holly Hobby pillow slip and sheet set, writing set and other really cool Holly Hobby stuff;) That nut loaf looks so yummy. Think I better make it tomorrow. .:)

    Have been doing a lot of gardening lately trying to get everything planted before the dreaded hot weather. x

  10. Ooh, looking forward to seeing how the jacket progresses! Love the handmade clothes too. I remember a lovely blogging sending me gorgeous vintage clothes when Emerson was born. So great being a part of this community. I need to get on to making Cohen's shorts now. We have had such Spring like weather here already.

    I've posted a blog post today about what I have been working on lately - from crochet to beads - and called it 'Made by hand.' I've been missing 'My Creative Space' and I was thinking, if enough people were interested, maybe it could be a weekly thing? Would love you to join in next week if you were interested. xx

  11. These are lovely things, esp the handmade little clothes! So pretty.

    PS: New La Mav skincare pack giveaway on the blog, hope you enter:


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