Monday, August 29, 2011

weekend : in the garden


  • We planted our fruit trees - all 14 of them, heirloom varieties from Yalca Fruit Trees. A Summer Strawberry apple anyone? Or an Emerald Chesnut? Well, maybe in a few years..
  • Why dig your holes by hand when you can use a hired excavator, that requires hiring, loading on a trailer (said trailer not quite up to the job), and a diesel top up before towing home? All worth it in Daniel's books, but I must admit it did do the job extremely quickly with our compacted type of soil. Minus any broken backs.
  • A flower and shrub garden bed dug out on our immediate front lawn. Daniel sees maintenance, but I envision being able to fill a vase with pretty flowers.
  • More potatoes planted. After the dog dug up and ate half of the first lot. Must remember to shut the gate.  Lettuce, bok choy and radish seeds sown. 
  • The Spring air has awakened the chives and rhubarb. Self seeded cos lettuce has been thinned.
  • Nothing like a garden to bring a family together for the weekend. Even if said family disagrees from time to time.

 Have you been in the garden lately?


Miss E said...

Looks like a lovely weekend and wasn't the weather just perfect! x

Christine said...

Glorious garden pictures with weather to match! I was treated to an entire day in the garden yesterday..pottering to my hearts content. Hung a gate, made some twiggy wigwams for summer beans, harvested snowpeas and collected stray feathers from the ducks to dye up. Just lovely. Your fruit trees sound very exciting! :)

Veronica said...

i love your lifestyle. you seem to do it all so well. i can't say that i would be very good at it though. your garden looks great and the photos are always lovely. have a happy day tania!

1000 Homes of Happiness said...

Gorgeous....they are my most favourite kind of weekends. We have a few fruit trees in our garden and I adore them. They are full of spring blossoms right now.

My man would love the idea of the digger pre planting!

Happy days. Isn't the sunshine lovely!


Kirsty @ Bowerbird Blue said...

I can't get out of the garden at the moment, mostly boring mowing yesterday although the herb patch got some much needed attention. Actually I don't really mind mowing but I think our enviromower might be on its last legs. Indoors is looking BAD due to all the good outdoors weather - our house needs some rain so I do some cleaning. Those fruit trees sound awesome.

dixiebelle said...

Wow, bringing out the big guns!! If I had to dig all those holes by hand, or could play on a big boys toy instead... I know which one I'd choose!

I have a blog award thingy for you, if you do these things (I usually don't!):

Tammi said...

Now that is my kind of weekend :) Not that we are gardeners as such but spending the days outdoors with the kids.
We did a bit of planting over the weekend...some herbs and strawberries, and will hopefully make a start on a vegie patch soon.
Love the idea of fruit trees but with renting we are pretty restricted.

Cassandra said...

We, three kids, hubby and I,spent most of the weekend outside, transplanting the strawberries, parsley, chives and mint to another garden bed in preparation for a new driveway. i hope your fruit trees do well, I love the sound of the apple. i have had my twin grafted apple for a couple of years now, and i just love watching it blossom, knowing that in time fruit will come. I can be patient.
Hope you have a great day
Cassandra :)

michelle said...

My garden is looking very sad and sorry at the moment.

You made me laugh with the comment about your husband seeing maintenance instead of beautiful flowers. I know when I ask my husband to do something in the yard I can see him thinking how much extra work is this going to make for him.

Your garden is looking lovely and productive!

Tania @ Out Back said...

Looks like you enjoyed a nice bright weekend Tania. Lovely weather for spending in the garden...we did this all weekend too.

Becky said...

LOL... we actually took yesterday as a "play day" and Scott and I went to explore the Columbia Canal and got extremely sunburned heads. And today was spent catching up laundry and a bit of house work as the upcoming week promises to be quite full and tiring. Have a GREAT week!

zigsma said...

And nothing like beautiful sunny weather to get us out into the garden. There's that clothesline of yours again. x

Tammy said...

I can't get out of the garden lately and have a potting shed full of activity. :)

faith76 said...

Wow so very busy x Lovely pictures and looks like beautiful weather.

Leah x

oscarlucinda said...

You were very productive!

I had a Saturday in the garden pottering about...and then Mum and I finished off the weeding out in the courtyard today. So satisfying and good for the soul - fresh air & sunshine :)

tea with lucy said...

not to mention how much the kids love watching the digger! we've had the earth movers in today. elliot loved it. i'm itching to get a garden in while there is still a bit of rain around. yours looks very productive!