Monday, January 23, 2012

Julia Child's Scrambled Eggs

This fine Monday morning, the last week of our school holidays I might add, I thought I would show you my favourite recipe for scrambled eggs.

For years, scrambled eggs were a hit or miss affair with me. I never used a recipe. Sometimes they were great. Other times not so great.

Once I tried Julia Child's recipe, I haven't looked back. Though it is very simple, she is very particular about her amounts and methods. But, once memorised, you will be set.

Her recipe calls for 8 eggs and I usually use 8 to 10 eggs (slightly increasing the other ingredients if using the 10) for our family. This morning we are only doing 4 eggs which gives a medium sized serving for 2. Ironically, our Julia will not eat eggs.

Here it is:

Julia Child's Scrambled Eggs
 (serves 2)

4 eggs
salt and pepper
2 teaspoons milk
1 Tablespoon softened butter
1 Tablespoon cream

Smiley face optional - I swear this was unintentional!

Beat the eggs in a bowl with the seasonings and milk, using a wire whisk, until just blended.

Smear the bottom and sides of a pan with the butter and set over moderately low heat. Stir slowly and continually. (I like to use a flat wooden spatula for this).

Slowly it will thicken into a custard. Stir rapidly, moving the pan on and off the heat if you need to. When they are almost the consistency you want, remove from the heat, as they will continue to thicken slightly.

As soon as they are the right consistency, stir in the cream, which will stop the cooking.

Best served on buttered toast.

And completely frugal if you have your own chickens (or a generous neighbour, as in our case!)

(Recipe aside don't you love Julie and Julia?)

Wishing you a pleasant Monday.


  1. love it with all my heart tania. i agree...this recipe is perfect & the movie i can be caught watching over & over. the appreciation for food & baking makes my heart smile. xo

  2. looks delicious Tania. off to get some eggs, this is tomorrows breakie!

  3. Love the smiley face! The eggs look delicious! I do a ratio of 8 eggs to a third of a cup of cream with lots of salt and pepper and they turn out really nice too.

  4. Oh goodness that looks yum. I have never heard of using cream before! Must try this!

  5. I can do a mean omelette but scrambled eggs not so much...I definitely haven't inherited my dads gene as he makes the best scrambled egg, his secret ingredients being cream and sour cream :)

  6. Oh yum, that sounds good. I will have to try it! I always find my scrambled eggs can be a bit hit and miss, sometimes delicious and others rubbery or watery. Definately worth a go. I dont have cream in the fridge often though. I wonder if milk would do?

  7. Wow, they put mine to shame which are usually a quick affair in the microwave...have never used cream before either!
    I loved that movie!!

  8. Oh yum! Gotta show hubby this, he makes us scrambled eggs most Sunday mornings.

  9. Love all of it - real, yellow eggs, Julia and the movie!

  10. I loved the movie Tania and I love scrambled eggs too! Thanks for posting this recipe, Im going to try it tomorrow, as my kids are still on holidays!

  11. oh my! they look amazing. trying this one out this weekend. thank you!! xx

  12. I too have a will not eat eggs child, ohh well i'll still give this a go.Ironically this weekend I made the Julia Child's chocolate and almond cake for my Mum's 70th. This cake has become my all time special cake for that really special occasion.
    Yes I love the film!

  13. They look so good! We are hoping to get some chooks someday :)

  14. I love scrambled eggs, must try this. I add a bit of tomato and spring onion to cook in the butter before I add the eggs (the veg just wilt and cook slightly) and a taste of sweet chilli sauce (Mr F's secret ingredient for everything!). You can't taste it but it adds something.

  15. This is a must try. Thanks so much x

  16. thanks for sharing Tania. I rewatched the movie last weekend and loved it again. I'm going to try that for breakfast today, on this bleak and very rainy day in my part of the world. Jane x


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