Monday, June 18, 2012

sunday evenings

Do you too find yourself clinging onto and savouring those last few moments of daylight on a Sunday afternoon? Knowing full well that the weekend is just about over. That you are on the brink of another (usually busy) week.

Thankfully some rabbit stew, a glass of cider and some Tricky Business do much to keep the mind off the inevitable early morning alarm. To distract you from the fact that you may not have washed all the school clothes you were supposed to. Maybe feel lazy optimistic enough to put fruit loaf in your (non-fruit loaf eating) child's lunch box. You might even stay up until midnight. Just because you want to hear that alarm go off later rather than sooner.

Hoping that you all enjoyed your weekend.. and made the most of your Sunday evening.


Catherine said...

I do wish that Sunday didn't have to end, if it wasn't so cold I'm sure I would linger outside just that bit more:) I do know that feeling of finding whatever is left in the cupboard that they might just eat for lunch;) That's a cute photo of your kitty too. May your Monday be a happy one. x

Christina Lowry said...

I love staying up late and making the most of the quiet house. I do it often, regret it in the morning sometimes, but continue to do it anyway. It's my only chance for a bit of stillness without interruption. :)

Tammi said...

I've been burning the candles at both ends of late, it's the only chance I have for some quiet time. I must admit, I didn't want this weekend to end but alas the new week is here so I'll make the most of it :)
Your crumpets were a huge hit!

Jode said...

I know what you mean...i didn't want this Sunday to end as it had been wonderfully sunny rather than raining!
I do love the crisp air as it rolls in though and i can settle down with the knitting and a glass of red....hope you have a wonderful week x

Zara said...

Beautiful photography as usual Tania.
Oh yes I know the feeling- what only feels like an hour or two of sleep and the alarms going off and it's time to wake up and get started.

theoldmilkcan said...

I don't mind mondays but I do sleep in a half hour on sunday mornings so perhaps I focus on sunday morning lol

Fiona said...

Love your colourful washing line ... I like to hold onto the weekend too ... Although I can't complain ... Child-free Mondays are pretty good too;-)