Monday, February 4, 2013


We had a most welcome dip in the weather temperature for the weekend. Quite unbelievable that a few weeks ago there were fires amid the hottest weather we have experienced, and yet on Saturday we were out in our woolen jumpers. There were even a few fireplaces on. Though the Summers are harsh and the Winters long and cold here, I do look forward to the change in Autumn every year. It was nice to get a little preview of sorts. That feeling of freshness that makes you feel alive. But then, I am a cold weather person.

My in-laws were visiting and we enjoyed a simple meal of meatball and vegetable soup with sour cream and homemade bread. I had put some roses from the garden in various "vases", because it is nice to have some colour when there are extra people are around. My vegetable garden may be in a fairly sad state, but my roses have thrived despite the weather.

I brought home an interesting patchwork quilt from the op shop and tucked it into the lounge. The bright colours are cheering and it reminds me how refreshing simple changes in the home can be. I wonder who made it and why it appears to have never been used.

How was your weekend?
I'm hoping your week will be a pleasant one.


Sarah Jane said...

Your roses are stunning! It seems to be hard to get a rose with a scent now, but I love having them around anyway :-)

Lucky you having a cool change! It's only been getting hotter here....time for a bit more rain now I think....the ground is dry and the grass will begin to die off if it isn't watered soon.

Happy new week!
Sarah x

A little bit Country said...

Love the quilt Tania. I'm a fan of fresh flowers in the house. Instant mood lifter I think. Have a great week. Elaina xo

Zara said...

I'm looking forward to the cool crispness that Autumn brings.
Your new quilt is lovely.

Tracy said...

It is nice getting those little glimpses of autumn especially after the hot weather.
Great new cheery quilt.

Coal Valley View said...

Our garden is a very sad state of affairs after all the hot weather and lack of water, definitely no roses here. Yours are beautiful. The quilt looks perfect on the lounge like that. Mel x

Lilian said...

Yes bring on autumn I say - my favourite month of the year too! Love the colours on the quilt.

Bungalowgirl said...

Gorgeous quilt Tania, I too love adding some new colour to the space at home. We have the same colour lounge and it goes with everything. And your bedside pic could be straight out of Country Style magazine, gorgeous. mel x

Kim H said...

Oooh I know what you mean. I'm loving the cool change in the weather and the hint of autumn is definitely in the air. I just checked elders though which tells me we are in for a hottish week {compared to last week}. Oh well, that's stil lone week closer to summer's end;)
Love your new patch work quilt. Would like to steal that. Am on the hunt for one too...x

Enchanted Moments said...

I love the quilt, we have one similar, so aged and used it is starting to get threadbare...we have always called it the 'pirate rug'....

Tania @ Out Back said...

Lately it has been cooler here too, with lovely Autumny glimses. However it is hot today though, but I enjoyed it while it lasted :)

Beautiful quilt, I just love those bright colours :)


good_to_be_home said...

These pictures are all so lovely! Thank you for sharing the beauty you see and note throughout the day.