Friday, October 14, 2011

goings on

  • missing the ocean
  • making some progress on a top for Julia
  • experimenting with jam pizza... needs a little more work
  • full moon watching and reading
  • magazine and it looks like i'm back on the coffee bandwagon
  • lemon marmalade on toast
  • my little washing helper in a poorly lit kitchen corner
  • return of the fog this morning

I do hope yours has been a good week where you are


  1. That's some good-looking driftwood.
    I never find any when I go to the beach.

  2. Such lovely pictures!
    I love mist, but only when it's not cold

  3. Lovely pics Tania. I'm thinking of beach too (with the weather warming up) - and I've finished another sewing project - - I'm on a roll!

  4. what a beautiful post. Seems like a lovley time you are having. Nice to see such a lovely post - it's drizzly and grey here!


  5. Beautiful pictures as always. I love the misty morning shot. I always find the fog mixed with sunlight magical.


  6. still loving your photos. you do have the most adorable baby! i was kept up last night reading the same - love that magazine. enjoy your friday. xo.

  7. I would miss the ocean too if I lived too far from it, it's my oasis.
    Lovely images Tania :)

  8. I love your pictures. Jam pizza sounds yum!

  9. Great photos Tania.

    Here is a link with the details of the jersey I made.

    I am not sure if you can get the pattern book in Australia but I found this site where you can purchase the downloadable booklet.


  10. gorgeous photos. I love the one of your washing helper

  11. Ah... I feel like I want to just crawl up inside your photos & kick back with a cup of tea Tania.

    You are really living the life. xx

  12. Gorgeous photos as always. I had so much fun as a child with my telescope.

    Also, jam pizza? I am intrigued.

  13. Love that last photo - beautiful!
    We've just been away over the weekend to Magnetic Island and also came back with random pieces of driftwood and coral! x


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