Tuesday, February 7, 2012


  1.  the cheery green tones of new old placemats
  2. nap times that last more than fifteen minutes
  3. op shop vintage toddler knits - appreciating the beautiful work in them
  4. figs
  5. learning about the quilting process... this year will be the year I start quilt making!

Hoping you all have a pleasant Tuesday.


  1. very sweet post. I to enjoy when a nap last longer than 15 minutes....my nephews or mine!


  2. Enjoy those extended nap times!!!(She looks like an angel who would sleep so well!!!)I'd love to learn to quilt but just can't see having the time as yet....good luck!
    Those vintage knits are just beautiful aren't they?

  3. You go girl!! quilt making is oh so satisfying! On a cold wintery morning when they are all cuddled in their beds under your own handmade quilts....oh yes, you will love it!
    Loving your sweet sweet photo's xxx

  4. something tells me you'll be making beautiful quilts in no time!...mum and i have finished putting together Saskia's quilt and we're up to the hand quilting bit, and have kind of stalled! does your book have anything on hand quilting?

    ps. my lovely friend made the little one a bonnet after reading about the pattern on your blog - just posted a pic of her wearing it. too cute. i can't bear it.

  5. oh man, i'm hoping this is the year i make another quilt! i've only ever made 2 (small ones) but maybe i'll get more ambitious :)

  6. Figs are my most favorite of all fruits and I can not wait for them to get ripe here! We eat them in salad with cheese, honey and olive oil, Yum!
    I look forward to seeing your quilts as I would love to learn how myself.

  7. just lovely! those little vintage knits are simply gorgeous! looking forward to seeing your quilting progress!

    Kel x

  8. I was so sad when my children grew out of naptime. They would tell me that they didn't need it anymore and I would say, but I do!!!

    You will love quiltmaking, it is my favourite craft to do.

  9. i love your photos & i do believe your quilting projects will be sensational. it really is very rewarding & lots of fun. xo.

  10. Yay for longer than 15 minute nap times! Alas, my babe is still stuck in her cat nap phase. I love those beautiful baby knits --what a find!

  11. What yummy knits! Best of luck on your quilting adventure...I know you'll make something gorgeous!! Ripe figs wrapped in prosciutto...heaven on a plate. Wishing you a day of sunshine and long naps :) x

  12. Oh i love quilting, i started about 8 years ago and have never looked back! Its very addictive, enjoy!

  13. OOh, I have Elizabeth Hartman's book and agree with some of the other posters - quilting is very addictive! Another lovely blog for modern quilts is fresh lemon quilts - lots of nice free patterns. Good luck!


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