Friday, February 3, 2012

around home

  1. Playing around with a little Amy Butler and Liberty prints
  2. Fabric no-sewing-involved covered books (top is Amy Butler, bottom two op-shopped)
  3. Market goods - and now I'm quite keen to try my hand at sweet chilli sauce. The homemade version is incomparable. Sooo good!
  4. Market tea and herbs
  5. Out of the linen cupboard
  6. Picture hijacking...
  7. Bread rising
  8. New knitting
  9. Hijacked again!
  10. Finding old things in stored boxes... I really must sort through those boxes some day.

I'm thinking that some of my favourite photos may not be the clearest, in fact some are quite blurry. But it's the ones that capture the spirit of the moment that make me smile.

Do you keep your blurry photos?

Hoping you have a lovely weekend.


  1. I think all the photos are lovely, especially the top one, very bright and happy.
    Yes, I just took about a dozen blurry photos and I love every one of them!

  2. I was looking at your photos thinking hmm some of her photos are slightly blurred but still look really good, maybe i should use more of mine. Then i got to the bottom and read your comment lol. I will be looking at my photos in a better light now too

  3. your fabrics look gorgeous framed. I have that amy butler print ready to make into a dress. I have something I would like to send you if you could email me your postal address to - thanks x

  4. lovely photos! perhaps you will share your chili sauce recipe? sounds delicious! I keep all of my photos, even the blurry ones are precious to me. :)

  5. oh this is lovely! love these little peeks into your world. i think im going to try sweet chilli sauce this weekend - awesome idea!

    love the little notebooks

    Kel x

  6. oh this post is amazing. each and every shot so inspiring. LOVE the first shot and being the Mrs Nosey that i am,i would love to know more about the quilt in Number 5...did you thrift it, make it, was it gifted etc it looks lovely.

  7. The fabrics in gold frames look lovely.
    And with covering books in fabric, do you use spray adhesive or something else?

  8. Wow! I really love the notebooks covered in fabric. Lovely! :)

  9. Love the framed fabric Tania ~ might have to borrow that idea!!

  10. The notebooks look lovely and that fish eiderdown is so pretty. And blurry photos- I posted one for Liongirls birthday as it so captured her joy, excitement and clapping that none of the pure clear photos had. Your photos are always superb, how about a new blog header with those gorgeous kidlets of yours? gosh i'm bossy, sorry! melx

  11. one day i'm going to visit you!
    yes, i am.

    it's settled!

  12. Hello there - I have just stumbled upon your blog (whilst googling for images of old books!) - just wanted to say, what lovely photographs you take!


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