Monday, February 13, 2012

out and about

Perhaps the best thing about hubby and son attending a four wheel drive show on the weekend, was the the close proximity to several large op shops and that big craft shop. It had been several years since I'd visited the area. Somehow, I think in comparison to where we live now, it felt so noisy. But a little exciting to this now-country-girl. It seems a change of scenery can be a good thing every now and then. Strip shopping, to me, is far more pleasant that those over-sized shopping centres. The op shops were open all Saturday, and they were full of people. I even met a lovely blog reader in one shop (Hi Lauren!).

That big craft shop was positively bustling with people, and though I was forced to hide in an aisle (a wool aisle unfortunately..) to feed Violet, I still managed to come home with a few pieces of Japanese lawn fabric and a little too much wool. It seems I could not resist all those lovely balls of wool at such a (comparitively) small price.

And on the way home I was told that I missed out on a really good day at the show. Maybe next time.


  1. I once nursed little m in an old armchair that was up for sale at an auction I went to in the Barrossa...people were coming around looking at the items up for auction and there I was sitting in one of them...oh well...hey, babies need feeding and the boobies and the seat were handy...
    sounds like a lovely day out...

  2. i love your new header pic tania. what a great photo and the ones from your weekend are lovely. i too would have left the boys for the craft shop. the fabric is delightful and i like the wool colours. i have been trying to find a local knitting group to join and play catch up with, but haven't had any luck yet. perhaps i may have to start my own. hope all is well. xo.

  3. I think I like the sound of your day, exploring op shops and picking up some lovely fabric and wool goodies. It's nice that the two boys had fun together too:) I much prefer the little shops to the big shopping centres any day, they are so noisy and just don't appeal anymore. I hope you have a great Monday. x

  4. What a lovely weekend by the sound of it...i wish our op shops were open all Saturday!
    Your new header pic is beautiful and the love just shines through!Enjoy that new wool!

  5. It's nice to have a change of scenery and a few 'new' op shops to explore.
    Your new header picture is perfect.

  6. Hi Tania.... sounds like a great plan - the girls hit the shops whilst the boys do - well, boy things! Now...I've stopped by to tell you that you won my little giveaway. You get to pick a key fob and I will post it off to you! Email me your preference for colours and of course your address! Congrats and hope you have a great rest of your week xx

  7. I always find when I go to town the noise and the people can be a little overwhelming after being in the country. It looks like you had a great time in the craft store, your yarn and fabric are lovely.
    I really like your new header.

  8. Hi Tania!!! It was great to meet you !! Added a bit of celebrity to my weekend !! :) Lauren


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