Wednesday, August 15, 2012

six little things

  1. Golden morning light at 7am. Shouldn't take long to melt that frost this morning.
  2. A new bundle of Bendigo Luxury wool (in the Lake shade) for a Tea Leaves cardi. Tackling my first adult sized project, and hoping that my familiarity with the smaller version (which has proved to be a wardrobe favourite around here) will give me a head start.
  3. Pretend naps. Aren't these the cutest things?
  4. Bircher muesli - quick cook oats, yoghurt, grated apple, lemon juice, raisins and sunflower seeds soaked overnight. Served with extra yoghurt and maple syrup or honey. It's been my favourite everyday breakfast of late. Based loosely on a recipe from this book.
  5. Coffee - always a fair bit of that around here. It is the one thing I really can't give up.
  6. The long awaited arrival of this years fruit tree and berry order. Though considerably smaller than last years. Heritage apples,  raspberries and blueberries. A Hubbardston Nonsuch apple has quite the ring to it, doesn't it? 

And after all that linking I am quite a bit tired. Time for another coffee I guess.

Hoping that your day is a pleasant one.

What little things are making you smile lately?


  1. That morning light filtering through your curtain has put a smile on my's been dreary grey, wet and cold here.
    Yay to tackling your first adult knit...I have maybe 10cms left at the bottom of mine till it's complete so will be knuckling down to do that today sometime, hopefully.
    I can't even begin to tell you how much I want to grow our own fruit day :)

    Happy Wednesday to you Tania.


  2. Ahh...A woman after my own heart! Bircher muesli and coffee, my staples!! ALSO loving my morning sun at the moment too...
    Hope your keeping well Tania, I am starting to experience a little of that cold weather you often talk about, makes for a nice change,I'll be looking for a few tips from you...
    Karen :)

  3. wish we could grow apples here- but it's too warm, will have to stick to more tropical fruit!

  4. Yay to a Mumma sized project. I done many a hat or scarf or cowl but a cardi...will have to take the plunge. And what a gorgeous shade. Winter morning shunshine is just glorious isn't it. Making me smile here....making the perfect pikelet, cleaning out my craft cupboard, digging compost into the vegie garden and pottering on the sewing machine (which hasn't happened for a good while). Wishing you a happy day :) x

  5. I'm about half way through a tea leaves for myself, it's not my 1st adult sized project, but the 1st in a long while. I'm really hoping to get it finished before the winter is over, I've wanted it to wear on so many days already. Good luck with yours.

    cheers Kate

  6. Love your blog, Tania. Love your pics, especially of your gorgeous house. I lurk here, and don't comment much, but you are a woman after my own heart and I enjoy my dose of Ivy Nest :)

  7. Tania, that first picture is so dreamy! We have similar windows... love that stained glass :)

    Violet is getting so big!

  8. oh, those pretend naps, so sweet! and coffee, yes. why would you even mention giving it up? why??! have a gorgeous day, hope there's some warm sunshine your way :)sarah

  9. Who said coffee needs to be given up? I treasure my 2 - 3 a day, how many do you have?

    I have been smiling at my kids making picnics with their stuffed toys, our newborn 3lambs, our baby guinea pigs, my youngest's sleeping face, my son's sheer relief after the dentist, hungry noisy children becoming quiet as they shovel in their dinner.

  10. ah, morning sunshine. How lovely is it? Each morning this week my hubby has pulled up the bedroom blind to reveal that not only is it light, it is sunny. The weather sometimes deteriorates (like today), but that morning sunshine never fails to make me smile.
    Love the pics :)

  11. Gorgeous images, they all kind of fit together in colour & style, so natural, love Posie

  12. Aww those pretend naps are so very cute. Loving the blue yarn you chose for yourself. What made me smile today was watching my girls have fun at the beach collecting shell upon shell. x

  13. Beautiful post Tania! And especially exciting to finally get those fruit trees and shrubs. Do you know, when I lived in South Africa, I lived in a place called Nonsuch Road. So I'm sure I'd love those apples....


  14. The sight of those fruit trees would make me smile too. I bought a blueberry last year. It looked something like your picture. Almost a year later and it still looks the same. Though I did catch glimpse of a ripe strawberry while I was hanging the washing out yesterday - that did make me smile...

  15. Hi Tania,
    Thank you for sharing your sources for your fruit trees, wool and patterns.
    I have bookmarked all 3 websites for when I need them.
    I can't wait until we have bought our own place to plant fruit trees.....

  16. Beautiful pictures!

    I knit my 'Radiate' from the same shade of Luxury...and it has become my absolute favourite. The colour goes with anything, and it's so warm :)


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