Wednesday, August 1, 2012

in the kitchen

  1. Potato and speck pasta from here, though I doubled the recipe but halved the cream (as that was all that I had on hand). An unexpected but delicious combination that wasn't as heavy as it sounds.
  2. ditto
  3. Gifted from my mother in law, Oen cheese from Bruny Island Chees Co.
  4. Yoghurt cheese on sourdough topped with kale and coconut salad (from Super Natural Everyday). The salad was admittedly unsuccessful with the family the night before, but I thought it was quite nice in this combination. It toned down this rather strongly flavoured salad in a good way.
  5. Goat massaman. Not entirely made from scratch as I did use the help of a little bottle. Unfortunately we don't have an Asian grocer nearby to pick up all those exotic ingredients. I used the rib meat and shredded it from the bone after a long cooking time.
  6. Muscovado Sunflower Kernels (though I used rapadura sugar) from Super Natural Everyday. Excellent for after school snacking.
  7. Baked oven polenta using Nigella's method of simmering for five minutes followed by an hour in the oven.
  8. Pressed toasted sandwich of fried bacon, sauerkraut, egg mayonnaise and gouda cheese. In the absence of a fancy sandwich press, I fried the sandwich in butter and used a saucepan lid to press it down. Perfect Saturday lunch food.
  9. Simple tomato sauce pasta (garlic, onion and bottled tomato). Quick and easy.
  10. A fan of the pasta.
  11. Scrambled eggs (again).
  12. Toasted muesli from Eating for the Seasons. Not unlike our usual recipe. But a change can mix things up a bit.
  13. Snacking on currants, carrot and cheese cubes.
  14. Washing up. Always washing up.

How have things been in your kitchen? Have you discovered any good recipes or cookbooks lately? I would love to hear from you.


  1. Ooh, lucky you! That is my all time favourite cheese. We discovered it in Tassie a couple of years ago and brought home a box full!

  2. Oh yum you've been cooking some delicious things there. I think I need to find a copy of Super Natural Everyday I love the sounds of the sunflower kernels and I need to use up some of my kale. Not a lot different on the menu plan this week except for the one new recipe I'm cooking tonight, Silverbeet and Cheese Tarts with salad. Washing up :(

  3. Yum yum, love the pasta dishes especially!
    I've made Biryani (not from scratch though) which was lovely and a bit spicy but I should have added some nuts and raisins for more authenticity. To use up some more of our ton of eggs pasta Carbonara will be on the menu this week, planning on some homecrumbed fish fillets and homemade wedges with homemade coleslaw (see a pattern here haha), and a risotto of some kind is overdue.

  4. yum yum, I love Bruny Island cheese. When we holidayed in Tassie we went to Bruny Island just so we could taste the cheese!

  5. Hi Tania! Have been reading your blog a bit of late and I really enjoy it. Thought I should speak up finally. This food looks divine! I live in Darwin and I miss a lot of the produce as we never go down south lately. I must try that pasta dish though.

  6. Love your foodie photos....they always make me hungry

    A yummy sandwich is cornbeef, mustard sauce(white sauce with english mustard in it) tasy cheese and sauerkraut toasted - I think it might be called a Ruben sandwich?? Also somewhere I read about a toastie in Tassie with roasted pumpkin, spinach and fetta which sounded lovely.

    We have had a few slow cooked beef stews piled up onto a deep dish yorkshire pudding, mash and peas...mmmmmm

    Loving a low fat, baseless, baked ricotta cheesecake with lemon rind and you have to try Nigella's Lemon Polenta cake...truly divine :)

  7. Ooooh yummmm.... everything looks and sounds delish Tania! Very boring and slack in our kitchen for the last fortnight, back on track tomorrow though! :)

  8. Not a post I should have read before dinner. I was hungry beforehand and now....
    Your food always looks so delicious.
    Plenty happening in our kitchen. I've made one of my favourite quinoa salads, more bread and crackers. I'm about to post about the salad.

  9. Oh wow that potato and speck pasta looks and sounds so very tasty, especially in mid-winter. Thanks for sharing your source. Great photos and inspiring food.

  10. The food looks amazing, but just to change things up a bit I'm going to comment on that grey cabled wool jumper on Violet...
    Oh my stars. Just gorgeous. I wish I'd been dressed like that as a Little!
    I take my hat off to whoever knit up such a timeless kids' top :-)

  11. The always washing up bit is the real curse of cooking and eating so much yummy goodness, isn't it? Matt and I were just talking about it this morning. He'd washed up everything in the morning, but two loaves of bread, a chocolate cake, and dinner later it needed done again. Its all worth it though, isn't it?!

  12. OH OK... Now I'm REALLY hungry! ; )

  13. Yum! Your kitchen is deliciously inspirational :)

  14. Okay so I really shouldn't read your blog BEFORE lunch because now I am STARVING!! :) :) Your food looks amazing!!!

  15. Yumm, that all sounds delish! Lots of interesting ingredients in there I'd love to try. I have discovered a great new recipe lately, Poh's Maple Crunch Muesli (I linked to the recipe on my blog). It's fantastic!!

  16. Can I come to your house for a meal pretty please? Everything looks so yummy! :)


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