Tuesday, July 31, 2012


  1. Last week there was a glimpse of Spring. But it was a fleeting one.
  2. I accidentally made yoghurt cheese. Which happens when one allows homemade yoghurt to drain a little too long. It was smooth and creamy and not unlike cream cheese. 
  3. A gifted mini cushion from Julia. From this pretty stash.
  4. We rediscovered a bag of vintage puzzles.  And realized that the spare room needs a good clean out.
  5. An accidental love heart. 
  6. Washing up "help".
  7. A gem hidden amongst a shelf of tatty polyester and tacky 90's print cushions. So glad I turned it over.

Wishing you all a very good week x


  1. Ha ha! my yogurt looked like that too this week. I used raw milk though for the first time too....rather creamy! No ones complaining here!
    I think I could have not strained it but I want the whey for the bread as much as I want the yogurt!

  2. We've been having some beautiful day time weather here too, I'm enjoying having the sun to get lots of drying done and defrosting a little, the mornings are still very cold. I do love getting special handmade gifts too, they can be so sweet and thoughtful. You have a very sweet little helper there:) x

  3. Ooh yum, I love yoghurt cheese!

    That cushion is beautiful.


  4. It looks like a lovely week. What do you make with your yoghurt cheese?

  5. oh, hello sweet cushion indeed!

  6. gorgeousness! i picked up an easiyo in the op shop yesterday, excited to make my first batch! and what a pretty cushion.

  7. Great cushion find. I love vintage puzzles too (although not putting them all back together once they've been discarded)

  8. Accidental love hearts are the best kind:)

    BTW I love your kitchen sink lol Odd thing to say but it is a great sink!


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