Monday, July 9, 2012

beach house

Another weekend. Another one spent by the coast. For us it seems rather extravagant to be going twice in one month.  But this time we shared a place with my parents. A modest 60's holiday house near the beach. With original kitchen, retro canisters, mismatched china and handmade pottery. I know most of you will understand when I say that half the fun was using this kitchen. I didn't even mind washing up.


I grew up in a smallish coastal town. So being by the coast has a certain comforting familiarity to it. The salty air, the slower pace and the rich green and blue colours of the coast. As we drove home I remarked to Daniel that it felt like we came from colour and into sepia tone. For everything is a frost affected brown here right now. But beautiful all the same.

Hope you all had a pleasant and restful weekend.


  1. Two weekends away in a month, you are lucky.
    The frosts here are having the same effect on the landscapes, it is beautiful though in all its muted tones.

  2. Funny how it doesn't seem such a chore washing up in someone else's home..I'm the same :)
    Good on you guys for taking the opportunity to get away when you can.

  3. Oh, I know that feeling exactly. We would drive from our house at the Gold Coast to my parents house in Ipswich, and as we drove the colours would slowly fade away until even their neighbors well manicured lawns were sepia toned and sad from the frosts.

    With another round of colds here, I'm quite envious of your weekend away! But I do hope you enjoyed it. xx

  4. You only live once Tania so you might as well enjoy it. Have a great week. xxoo


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