Thursday, July 5, 2012

we have been

We have been:-

eating minestrone
keeping warm
keeping the fire going round the clock
enjoying coffee..perhaps a few too many
wearing shoes on our hands
enjoying time at and away from home
listening to James Blunt

Hoping your days this week have been good to you


  1. All sounds great Tania...especially that minestrone and shoes on hands!! Isn't it cold at the moment although i imagine a wee bit colder for you than for us up North!
    Can i ask how you go with Violet and the fire? We keep considering getting one but i worry about the twins getting to it or not leaving it alone no matter the fireguards! I know you have a inquisitive little climber too so hope you don't mind me asking!x

  2. so happy to of found your beautiful blog, i love feijoas being a kiwi girl they are hugely popular at home and i never see them in melbourne :(

  3. It's cold here too. And our soup of choice is my beautiful spanish MIL's Potato Soup. The boys can't get enough of it. Happiness all round. This morning was a playdate and this arvo is sneaking in Offspring via the internet as I had to forgo the tv for the footy last night. xx

  4. Your Minestrone looks beautiful Tania. If you don't mind me asking....where did you get your scrubbing brush and calender? Love them, and the cute little girl on the end too. xxoo

  5. Oh wow! Right now Lewi is cooking up some ministrone for dinner under my very sickly supervision. He's never made it before but doing really well. Have had a terrible flu the past two days that hss really knocked me around. Lew's soup and your piccies are the perfect pick me up xxx

  6. I want a fire too after last night. My blanket stash came in handy! I added an extra wool blanket to each bed and was finally able to justify the pile of thrifted and handmade blankets we own to my husband! :)


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