Tuesday, July 24, 2012

cleaning cheats

Running out of something used to mean a quick dash to the shop. But since living out here, and the prospect of a forty minute round trip, I've learnt to be just a little more resourceful when I do run out of something. At such times its good to have a few quick cheats up your sleeve.

Take dishwashing detergent for instance. Though I usually get along quite well with my usual brands (I like to use Eco Store or Herbon brands) there are times when I do run out and dishes still need to be done. I find it very handy to have a pack of Sunlight soap on hand for such emergencies. I use a bar to soap up in hot water (sometimes leaving the bar in there to keep it soapy) and use this to wash the dishes. Rinsing well to prevent that soapy taste in the drinking glasses.

I do love my Sunlight Soap. It's one of those things that can help you out in many a pickle. I've also used it as replacement hand soap, stain remover and grated into homemade laundry powder.

When I run out of washing powder there are times that I just don't feel motivated or have the time to make a new batch of powder.  So I just sprinkle in a good few good tablespoons of bicarb soda into the wash. Sometimes I add a glug of vinegar and enjoy seeing it all foam up. I can't tell you if it really does much. But it does look impressive.

Do you have any quick cleaning cheats?


  1. I keep a box of Sunlight laundry soap in my cupboard too! I use it to make my homemade laundry detergent, but also doubles as stain remover ( little bit rubbed on the offending stain usually does the trick).

  2. We've been enjoying the homemade citrus spray cleaner but when it runs out and I haven't bothered to put another batch on to 'brew', filling the spray bottle with half vinegar/half water and a couple drops of lemon or orange ess. oil works well.

    A really nice ironing spray is a spray bottle filled with water with a few drops of lavender ess. oil.

    Hoping you're enjoying your Tuesday. :)

  3. Wow, a trip down memory lane. I haven't seen Sunlight soap since I was a kid. I remember my Mum used to open each new packet and sit it out in the sun by the clothesline before use to 'harden' it up so it lasted much longer.
    I don't have any cheats sorry, the shops are too handy for me!

  4. for a long time sunlight soap was the only thing we used to wash dishes

  5. My parents and grandparents had a special cage thingymajig to hold the sunlight soap..you simply held it under hot water when filling the sink for dishwashing. I don't actually think my grandparents ever bought comercial dishliquid.
    I only use bicarb, white vinegar and either tea tree or eucalyptus for cleaning, in my sisters eyes that's cheating but they are so addicted to the overpowering commercial varities that they don't see how they more natural products would do a sufficient enough job. Funny how you can come from the same family and have such different views :)

  6. Good tips! I use eucalyptus oil in place of just about every other cleaning product!

    rachel ox

  7. good post! My cheats are the same as yours plus some essential oils. There isn't much you can't clean/wash with Bicarb, Soap, Vinegar, some oils and some good steamy hot water!

  8. We use water mixed with essential oil of mint to clean

  9. Soap is the only thing we use for dishes. They wash well and there's hardly any packaging. Plus the packaging is only cardboard, not plastic. AND it's made in Australia! Good tips. I'm going to try that bi-Carb for the clothes next time I'm feeling too lazy to make my powder.

  10. I haven't got any cleaning tips but last night I forgot to buy cream for my soup and had a little look on the internet to find that adding a bit of milk and butter does the trick. Will have to write a better shopping list next week I think:)

  11. Good POst! I do also have a bar of Sunlight soap, just in case of.. You never know, do you?

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