Thursday, October 4, 2012

nine little things

  1. My biggest little things - school holidays with these three. Yes, it has been a little up and down. But I'm determined to enjoy these last few precious days.
  2. Amazed at the generosity of bloggers - a beautiful parcel sent by Zara of the charming Zaranne Handmade. If you do happen upon this book it is an excellent read. Isn't the bunting gorgeous? Thank you again Zara.
  3. New Japanese Lawn for a dress.
  4. Country Style and a cuppa. The perfect antidote to school holiday chaos.
  5. Rabbit pie (based on a Jamie Oliver recipe from Jamie's Great Britain)
  6. The latest library reading pile. A Cooks Life enjoyed and completed, moving onto The Food Clock.
  7. Village wandering.
  8. Spotting an abundance of yellow. For the gardeners out there - is this Forsythia?
  9. Bringing a little bit of this sunshine inside.

What little things have you been enjoying lately?


  1. No idea what that yellow is but I'm seeing a lot of it around here lately too. I'll check back x

  2. It all looks lovely Tania! I love the photos of your kitchen shelves and cabinet from the last post too (blogger won't let me comment on lots of your posts lately?). Bianca :)

  3. Looks like Forsythia to me...I love the 1st pic of the kids - so natural!

  4. Magazines in the garden (a new one called good which is just that), rhubarb and strawberry crumble, foot rubs, and nesting. enjoy the precious school holiday remaining. X ashley

  5. I think I'm in love with your looks delightful.

    Thanks for sharing

    cheers Kate

  6. I love the photo of your three. Your wee girl looks cheeky. And as for bunting - love it! Would have it in every room of the house if I could. Elaina xo

  7. i love the photo of your three together. i have been enjoying the country style read too. i spend most of my time looking at the gorgeous photos and dreaming alot. enjoy the last few days of school break. xo

  8. I would recognise one of Zara's bunting anywhere, they are gorgeous.
    Beautiful photo of your three Tania, hope the remainder of the holidays treat you all well.
    Would you believe I am still making my way through CS Auguest? The cover of the latest issue is enticing me though so I may flick through it quickly today.

  9. Such lovelies. Don't know if I've commented before but I really appreciate your blog. And yes, that is definitely forsythia. I live in NY and it grows like a weed here in the Spring.

  10. Hi Tania,
    Your pics are beautiful. It looks as if your home is what I wish mine was a little more like!
    My little things are similar to yours too - school holiday hugs, home made bread rolls for lunch, birthday wishes from afar, and sleep-ins all week.
    Enjoy the rest of your time with the kids.

  11. Your munchkins are delightful. And rabbit pie...yes please! Here...well Rooibos tea is going down beautifully (in an effort to curb the caffeine) as well as some summer knitting ("Tikki's Adam" in a pima cotton...would be gorgeous on your girls...I've ravelled it if you want to have a sticky beak).
    Enjoy these lovely days :) x

  12. Love that tree! Not sure what it is. Must look Forsythia up. That church is so cute. What a lovely view from your place. Happy reading and enjoy the rest of the hols x PS Man, it's hot here today. How is it where you are?

  13. I'm glad you liked the gifts.
    Violet looks to be loving the company and playing companions of the older two.
    A great selection of reading material you have there. I love my copy of the Womens Weekly Country Collection, both for the recipes and the stunning country photos.

  14. Look at your three gorgeous one and Violet's happy face:) Blogging is a wonderful thing isn't it, the kindness and generosity of others is truly amazing I've found. I love your new fabric too, very pretty. Enjoy the last few days of your school holidays, ours are almost over too sadly. Wishing you a fantastic Friday. x

  15. That first pic says so much about you and your beautiful brood.......just lovely.
    Allison x

  16. Loving those little happy faces beaming at the camera..and that sweet as pie bunting!

  17. Your photos are always so pretty! The bunting is really sweet and your pies look delicious. Oh, the yellow flowers are forsythia's. :-)

  18. That photo of Violet makes me smile, love it.
    I keep coming back to your page just have a chuckle at that face

  19. That first shot is an absolute ripper!

  20. Hi Tania,
    Your three children are so beautiful! I hope you don't feel too lonely without them what with school starting up again today! I love Country Style magazine too - they are such a good read!
    Ronnie xo

  21. i love your little space here so much and always miss it terribly when we're without internet. i pop in whenever possible but can't comment on each much as i'd love to.
    just letting you know i'm still a huge Ivy Nest fan even in my absence/silence! ;)


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