Tuesday, October 16, 2012

this and that

  1. Bagels from The River Cottage Bread Book. We've been feeling very indulgent enjoying them with cream cheese and smoked salmon or fried pancetta.
  2. Violet loves to flick through grown up books - particularly gardening ones, though I think this one is a home decorating book.
  3. The dress I've been making, which is currently in the what to do with it pile. It seems I've made the bodice a little too snug. Next week when I have more time, and will hopefully have acquired a little more patience, I will let out some seams and see what can be done.
  4. Finished quite some time ago, but I thought you might want to see them, some more finished dishcloths.
  5. An anniversary party is on the weekend. Is it too ambitious to hope to sew up a present and a dress?
  6. Breakfast of choice lately - semolina with a little jam.
  7. Blocking a finished knit.
  8. Water play. When teething has been going on for over a week - it seemed to occupy  and soothe her quite well this morning.

How has your week been?

Wishing you all a pleasant day.


  1. Hello Tania, I just knew that was semolina when I saw it. I like mine with honey. I love all your vintage style dresses. You're a good dressmaker. How cute that Violet looks through grown up books. I've been meaning to tell you, I think all your children are so beautiful.

    My week has been good so far. Hanno is at the OT and I'm just waiting for Ernie to arrive to go through our blogging workshop; first one tomorrow.

  2. lovely pictures, so serene although maybe it hasn't been if there has been teething happening!
    I've never made semolina, off to find a recipe and have a go, because it looked yummy in that picture.

    thanks for sharing
    cheers Kate

  3. I love those knitted dish cloths. Busy week for us here. My wee man Tom started kindy today. He loved it - told me I could leave - was planning on hanging around for a bit. Tried not to take it personally!

  4. Violet would make a great coffee shop companion ;)

  5. When I have sewing challenges I sometimes like to put it aside for a while so I don't get too frustrated. Worse case if you don't have enough seems to let out, could you do the bodice (or part of the bodice) in a constrasting fabric?
    You have a lovely selection of vintage fabrics.

  6. Your bread always looks so delicious! Love the colours in your knitting and Violet's sensible taste in books ...

  7. Love the colours of your dishcloths Tania...so cheery for a dreary task!
    I love looking at children reading books...always so sweet!
    You poor thing having a week of teething...i know it well! I added a whisk and some detergent to the twins water play last week and it kept them busy for ages!
    I thought i was the only one left who actually liked semolina...i feel happier now to see yours lol xx

  8. the water play is a fabulous idea tania. penny still loves doing the same at age 4. i must say your bagels look amazing. i have had this book on my to buy list for a while. maybe this week. xo

  9. Semolina for breakfast...now that's a thought! I hope you get your dress and pressie made in time.

  10. ooo every single photos sings to my heart! lovely

  11. There has been teething happening here too, of the sleepless, heartbreaking variety where you do all you can and still the tears come. So I should really be in bed, but I couldn't help but say what lovely photos these are and wonder how the sewing is going. :)

  12. As usual, good things are going on at your place. What a cozy post! I love seeing your baby sitting and reading her book. So cute.


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