Thursday, March 21, 2013

knitted : family hats

Of course one of the best things about holidays is that bit of extra time you have to get stuck into a new knitting project. Well, for me it is anyway. All that driving, all that sitting around campfires and in tents, well, it is quite conducive to a little knitting. Nothing too hard of course, as it is a case of the easier the better when you are constantly moving a project around.

Literally minutes before leaving I put a little knitting bag together. A little zippered case full of essential knitting bits and pieces, yarn, needles and a book I'd had for quite some time, More Last Minute Knitted Gifts.

Knitting in Daniel's hat to cover up that "camping hair"

I chose the Family Ribbed Hats pattern because we seemed to be quite short on beanies for the coming Winter. I find it is far easier to justify knitting time spent on a need rather than a want. And I had quite a bit of fun knitting up this first beanie for Violet. The pattern was straightforward despite the fact that it was my first hat "in the round". Most of the pattern involved a circular needle, and then changing at the very end to double pointed needles.

I like to think that there is a whiff of campfires, dusty roads and the scent of fresh alpine air, as well as the wild brumbies we saw, all wrapped up into this little hat.

The yarn was a beautiful cashmere blend I had won in a giveaway from Flowerpress, and originally from the ZigoZago store. It was wonderful to work with, and I love the way the rich colours knitted up.

I was so happy with this little project that I started another as soon as I got home. This time I used some alpaca yarn leftover from this project. Julia claimed this one for herself, and who am I to argue when someone actually wants my knitting?  Knitting can be a thankless craft at times, but not always.


So two family hats down, and I suspect there just might be a few more to come.

Ravelry details here.


  1. I just said to my husband, I need to crochet us all some winter beanies. Your knitted hats are adorable, oh i wish I could knit, but I think crochet will do the job for now! And both are such wonderful portable crafts xx

  2. I love the colours you've knitted these two in, I can't wait to see what you choose for the other members of the family. Both kids look gorgeous in their new beanies.

  3. How beautiful the blue yarn looks, and so cosy!
    So wonderful to see the end product of your win, thanks for sharing it Tania (and thanks ZigoZago) :-)
    p.s. must finish my honey cowl!

  4. They're lovely Tania! That Zigozago yarn looks so nice and squishy :-) I've only just learnt to knit in-the-round too after being intimidated by the whole thing for a year but it's really OK isn't it and how good is it not to have to do any seaming? Mel x

  5. I love that book and hat pattern, it's the only hat i've knitted that my husband will wear! It's a great stash buster too. Having guilt-free time to just sit and knit is one of my favourite things about camping :-)

  6. My other half has claimed the colourful beanie that was gifted to me by an elederly resident from the hospital i used to work. I may just have to expand my very basic knitting skills to make a couple before the coolness of winter.

  7. You've done a great job - they look lovely! :-)

  8. Love this pattern! Too bad I don't knit...

    I have been dreaming of crocheting beanies for next season simply because I can never seem to find the "perfect" beanie! Shape, color, size...they're all wrong :-( Apparently it's well past time for me to start working on my own ;-) Thanks for the inspiration!

  9. How lovely and such pretty shades of blue - my favourite colour!

  10. They look great and that is a fantastic blue colour

  11. I knew I wasn't the only one who liked to sit around the campfire with needles in hand!! I'm glad you've been enjoying yourself and being productive, too! Oh, camping!!!

  12. I love how quick a project hats are. I made a variety of crochet and knitted hats for us all last year and now that the weather is cooling I'm wondering what to make a start on now...socks maybe?
    Love the simplicity of the rib beanie, both those colours are lovely too Tania.


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