Thursday, May 2, 2013

Eight Little Things

  1. Knitted things, old blankets and a sling that no longer fit. All well loved and well used. But I can't bear to give them away.
  2. Cleaning out the wardrobes and making sure there are enough Winter clothes. Thank goodness for op shops and hand-me-downs. I'm hoping to make a few things to fill the gaps.
  3. An almost finished made by Julia skirt - her first machine project.
  4. Little Treasures : Made by Hand arrived in the mail yesterday. An independent little book full of beautiful pictures and ideas for projects. The perfect little coffee escape.
  5. Also in the mail - a small perennials order for the front garden from Honeysuckle Cottage. Be warned that it is easy to get lost within this site reading all about old world roses and uncommon flowers.
  6. A new top for Julia is in the works.
  7. Old quilts pulled out of storage for the lounge.
  8. Coffee. Always coffee these days.

What little things have you been enjoying this week?


  1. I still have my baby clothes and sling from when the boys were little. I can't part with them either. I'm in the middle of sorting winter wardrobes too. And for me it's always tea, cup after cup. I like coffee in the weekends though. Julia is so clever, love the material xo

  2. so many beautiful little things, they're the stuff that makes the week. Migh go and put the percolator on now.

  3. For me, it's always Milo...i have had an amazing morning op-shopping. Huge old basket to store toys in and two massive crochet blankets to tuck into the lounge cushions...i'm surprised because when i started op shopping recently, i thought in Sydney all the old nanna things would be snapped up but others to sell at a huge profit...maybe i was just lucky today :)

  4. When it comes to a hot beverage, I like to spread myself around.
    Tea in the early morning and afternoon.
    Coffee mid morning.
    Milo before bed.

    Loving smokey air - from all the wood fires in the old houses around this joint - they were needed this morning! -0.4 degrees.

  5. So much loveliness here. I love that red and blue patchwork x

  6. I spy aquilegia - one of my favourites, gosh I want some now! Julia must be so proud of her skirt. May it be the first of many :)

  7. Hi
    I love love your blog
    I have added you to my sidebar too
    can I give you a suggestion from the readers point of view.. can you please do the write up after the photograph which pertains to the photo .. because it becomes inconvenient to move from bottom to top to check out the photo with the relevant writing..
    Your photos are awesome..
    keep up the good work

  8. Thank you for your feedback Mahek, I will keep that in mind for next time :)

  9. I finally sorted out and gave away all but one outfit from each of my childrens' baby days.
    Never touch coffee - love the fragrance - can't get the taste past my teeth(?) But tea, ohmy yes. morning noon and night. Love the pattern - will make cute tops!

  10. Oh my goodness, just had a look at the range of herbs sold at Honeysuckle Cottage- there are so many, with so many amazing healing properties.
    It's lovely to see Julia is still keen on sewing, and had moved onto clothes for herself.

  11. ooh, i've been checking the mailbox for Pia's book, too!

    i know i say it every time, but i do so love your pictures. i want to pin them all!!

  12. hello tania,
    the little cardi is your red and blue blanket.i have aquilegia in my garden and i love this flower.that book sounds interesting.
    thanks for sharing .
    wish you a wonderful weekend,
    love regina

  13. I love perusing plant catalogues and dreaming of my impressive order - reality is always such a shock. Always nice to get new plants in the ground and wait for the promise of spring.

    Did you get that Simplicity 3835 pattern in the end - I still have mine available.

  14. looks all wonderful and cozy! winter sure has arrived hasn't it! I love the look of all your crafty goings on xx


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