Monday, May 27, 2013

life and knitting

Somehow, here and there, between the many days out last week, the temporary single parenting and then the virus going around that had me in bed most of Sunday, I managed to find a little time to squeeze some knitting in. It seems I cannot put my mind to sewing when life is a little bumpy, but I can somehow manage to squeeze in a little time for knitting. My Tea Leaves cardigan, though started last year and then abandoned at the start of the warmer weather, is coming along slowly. I even justified buying another basket at the op shop just for this project. (Where do they all go?) Proof that you can never have too many baskets. I am enjoying the predictable stockinette stage of this project, and not really having to think about it for now. Knitting can be a soothing constant in life, kind of like hitting that pause or re-set button in amongst the daily chaos.

Because I am easily distracted I am also thinking of starting a cowl, and I was rather struck with this one. The cold weather has me reaching for scarves daily, and I'm getting a little tired of the two that I always wear. By now I think everyone in town must be able to identify my red floral scarf (which is not particularly warm anyway). I haven't bought any new yarn this season, as I'm trying to use up what is in the stash, staying away from those tempting websites with richly coloured yarns.

Most projects to date have been for the kids, but this season will hopefully see me adding a few things to my own wardrobe. Perhaps a scarf, a cowl and a hat. Just a few simple, but practical items. If I can manage to make them from the stash so much the better, but easier said than done.

What knitting plans do you have for this season?
Are you going to or are you already making something for yourself?
Do you have a favourite scarf, cowl or hat pattern?


  1. I am trying to get Emerson's knitted blanket finished, keep working on my Larch cardigan and finish the crochet cushions I started. I'd like to knit a pair of socks, a cowl and a baby cardigan too... Trying to resist casting on anything else, but I have some beautiful Quince and Co. yarn waiting in my basket.

    This is my favourite cowl, but my skills aren't quite up to it yet -


  2. sounds like me, whatevers happening, there is always at least a moment for knitting. if it gets so busy that I can't even knit, well, that's when I know for sure it's time to slow down!

  3. I just finished a scarf for a friend (it's on my blog from last week) and now I'm onto a beanie for my partner.. His birthday is Friday and I just started last night.. Eek!

  4. I am working an a Lady Kina at the moment - there has been a lot of frogging involved as I didn't read the errata when I started. Then back to finish the Owlet I started for GInger last year, which should just about fit Tom Kitten now! Then onto a Kina for Ginger, and a Pebbles Vest for Tom KItten. But, I am a very slow knitter.....

  5. I like the cowl you have in mind. Wouldn't mind trying to make it for myself, I just have to learn to knit in the round.

  6. I love that tea leaves pattern. That's a beautiful blue you are using too! I agree with your sentiments about knitting and sewing. Somehow, knitting is easier to pick up and work on when you have one of those small windows of opportunity...

    As to knitting inspiration, I made this lovely beret for my daughter last year: I used Bendigo Woollen Mills Luxury 10 ply, and it came out beautifully, though I'd make the size L for an adult. And this wonderful wrap/shawl/scarf is my recommendation: (I made this last year too, in Rowan's Felted Tweed. Such a warm, yummy scarf.) This cowl has been on my must-knit list for a while too: Hope those few links inspire! Hope you're having a good week. fiona x

  7. I always have time for knitting as well. No matter what is going on in my day, I always sit down at some point with a cup of tea and my knitting. I am trying to knit from my stash as well but you are right, it is not always easy. Enjoy your day!

  8. Can't imagine not being able to knit. Such a handy thing to carry with me when I'm out to fill in those times when I'm waiting around. I've made a few things so far. Two hoodies for the grandsons, a cardi for a new baby in the family and some pants for that said baby on the needles now.

  9. Hi Tania,

    I'm working on a jumper for my boy - just a sleeve to go. I can't wait to start the next project. It may have to be a little something for me before I get onto the next jumper though - maybe some Muffatees for the cold soccer mornings. Your Tea Leaves will be gorgeous, I'm still a bit intimidated by doing such a large project but maybe the key is to have a few things on the go at the same time like you have. That cowl looks gorgeous. I love it! I can recommend the Nola Cloche, it is simple enough and fairly stylish for a beanie :-)

    Mel xxx

  10. I'm a bit of a stop start knitter thanks to the twins but i really want to try some little knitted animals for them this Winter.
    That blue is just divine Tania...know what you mean about the baskets....i went a little nuts again in the op shop on the weekend and i think the other half is wondering if baskets are going to overtake the house soon!
    Hope you are feeling better x

  11. love that photo - basket and knitting

  12. You can never have too many baskets - Amen! (I love them so much, I have actually started learning how to make them. That's when the real trouble starts!)

    Lovely blog, by the way.

  13. I finished a cap I've been working on for some time and was just feeling the itch to start something new. I, shockingly, don't think I have any partial knit projects to I get to start something brand new. Hmmmmm.....

    I adore baskets. I prefer one to a purse if I can at all get away with it. Like at the family gathering last week. Camera, knitting, and wallet--done!


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