Tuesday, July 9, 2013

another school holiday day

Hello! How are you all?

Thank you for your kind and supportive words in my last post. I had been feeling a little guilty that I hadn't been posting as often, but your comments were encouraging, and led me to realise that it is okay to slow down sometimes. Some of you also talked about the feeling of needing to slow down in this colder season, and more than one of you mentioned the book The Way of the Happy Woman. It will now be on my reading list for this season. So, thank you.

As we have entered the second and final week of the school holidays, things have continued to be quiet here. The past two days it has been just the girls and I, as the boys have been whisked away to help build a fence. While I have been cleaning out the pantry (Just how many jars containing the dregs of flour could there be? A lot apparently.), the girls have been reading, putting on entertaining puppet shows and playing dress-ups. With a whole lot of Peppa Pig in there too. It seems our youngest is a huge fan.

I always enjoy the slower, dare I say, lazier pace, during the school holidays. The constant whirr of the washing machine makes me feel more productive than I really am. And now? Well, there will soon be washing to hang out, a toddler to put down for her nap (though that is no sure thing these days), a dirty floor to sweep and an extra blanket to add to each bed (it's been so cold). But all in good time.

I hope your day treats you well.


  1. It sounds like you're having a lovely holiday, definitely my kind of holiday lots of time at home with no where to really be:) I think I will need to find myself that book also I too have been feeling a little quieter lately. Enjoy the rest of your day I hope your little one has a sleep for you. x

  2. I love the winter school holidays with nothing planned, just letting everyone unwind. Our lounge room looks a bit like yours and I'm quite happy to keep it like this for the whole 2 weeks. Have a lovely week - see you next week :-) Mel x

  3. I just bought the book, hope it's good, it looked interesting.
    Michelle :)

  4. I love the school holidays too, I never understand when people say they cant wait for school to go back.

  5. It all sounds grand.

    I will be adding that book to my reading list as well.


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