Wednesday, July 31, 2013

everyday life

While looking through recent photos there were many little snippets of relatively uneventful, but no less special, little moments. It's those little things that you tend to forget over the years though, isn't it? But when you look back on older photos, often the seemly uneventful ones - at the clothes you were wearing, the small objects in the photos, the food you were eating, well, it is often these things that help us remember. The smaller details of everyday life that we don't want to forget.

It's been good to see that an old garage sale find a few months back has been getting a bit of use again.


One of the very few things in Daniel's culinary repertoire. Zabaglione taught to him by his Nonna. Made by hand whisking egg yolks with sugar. We tried  it with rapadura which lent quite a nice caramel like flavour and a little extra colour.

Our latest (grain free) pancake recipe, cococut flour pancakes. They are a little trickier to flip, but taste pretty good.

Knitting, this time for Luca. Rediscovering the joys of double pointed needles. Not quite.

Leftover soup (lamb stock, lima beans, tinned tomatoes, carrot, Italian herbs) as an afternoon school snack.

Trialling grain free bread (while still dreaming about making sourdough) and it's not too bad with plenty of butter and peanut butter.

Hoping that your week has been kind to you.


  1. That's why I love photographing our everyday lives. Everyone takes photos for birthdays, first day of school, holidays, easter and christmas however it's the inbetween everyday life at home that really is so valuable to document. Check out Ali Edwards "Week in the Life" which she has coming up in Sept. It's my favourite project. I've posted some pages from my Blurb book on my blog from last year's book.
    Photographing and documenting 7 days in your life each year. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia

  2. Since my Mother passed away two months ago, I have been sorting her photo albums. There are over 25 of them, as she used to do one for each year, starting with the trip to Florida where they spent the winter, and ending just before taking off the next year. While I don't know hardly any of the people she knew and photographed in Florida, it brings me great pleasure to see how happy she was during those years, as Alzheimer's made her last years meierable before taking her away.
    You will enjoy those pictures many times in days to come!

  3. Such a lovely little pictorial stroll Tania...everytime I see pics of your girls I marvel at how much they have grown and then remember that mine have done the same. Time is certainly marching on isn't it?
    I love the look of that soup...really would love some on this chilly day right now x

  4. So beautiful! I just love seeing those gorgeous everyday moments that make life special. Your bread looks so lovely and is reminding me how much I need to get back into baking my own. I'm dreaming about sourdough too. Let's do it!
    Sophie xx

  5. It's the little things that we remember and you've captured them beautifully in these photos. you'll enjoy looking back in years to come. x

  6. Do you have a Luca too?! Your pancakes look lovely and what a great after-school snack! I too still dream of sourdough - I was given some starter a few months ago but it turned mouldy on me. I know I can do it and I know it will save us quite a few pennies, but there seems to be so much else competing for our attention, doesn't there... x

  7. I really enjoyed this post. Life has been hectic around here and I enjoyed your photos of cosines. Must get my knitting out!

  8. Hi Tania, love the post. We have also recently become grain free. Thought you might like to know Teresa Cutter has a really yummy coconut and banana bread
    Thanks for the tip on the coconut pancakes think I will have to try them this weekend!

  9. enjoyed your post, thanks for sharing

  10. These are the moments that make up most of life. Wonderful. And may I say you have the prettiest double pointed needles I've ever seen.


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