Monday, July 22, 2013


I've been hibernating of late. The weather, though unseasonable warm for part of the week, was also raining, windy and freezing cold in others. I haven't been venturing outside or even out anywhere very much. I've been doing bits and pieces of little projects, but not really getting very far with any of them. The concentration needed seems in short supply these days, with the  weather causing a little cabin fever in all of us. Some weeks, particularly at this time year with day after day of cold, seem to pass by in an uneventful blur. Days are spent preparing food, adding wood to the fire, trying to get washing to dry and then all the cleaning up. Always cleaning up. When the days are spent indoors it can all get a little too much at times.

It is our fourth winter here. Though I do love the cold, with it's wood fires, wooly jumpers and thick blankets, it can get a little too much sometimes. But such is life in a colder climate, and I daresay that our house is a good deal warmer in winter than the houses I grew up in on the coast. When the sunshine is lacking and the garden is bare, life seems just a little starker somehow. But I do know that it will pass. In the meantime I need to work at rekindling my love of winter.


  1. "Always cleaning up. When the days are spent indoors it can all get a little too much at times."

    I sure get that! Sometimes we have to remind ourselves that although an outing may not have any specific purpose or may even be thought of as too hard but will refresh us from the never ending cleaning up.

    That first photo is too precious!

  2. You know, you don't have to re-kindle your love for winter.
    You can just say - right at this moment, winter is giving me the shits.
    And leave it at that.
    Coz you're right - these things pass and in 2 weeks time you'll probably love it again!

  3. We are hibernating too! Even though I am generally more energetic in cold weather than the heat of summer, the lure of the heater is too much, and I find myself living in one square metre most of the time ... Enjoying some crocheting and visiting blogs on my iPad, then to wonder where the day got to ... We did a big tidy-up last week and the open spaces seemed luxurious, but somehow colder! Definitely calmer, though, helping my brain to function even away from the heater ;-)
    Your house seems cosy.

  4. Lots of hibernating going on here too :) I love winter and being able to curl up on the couch by the heater with a good book and a cup of tea while the rain is pitter pattering on the roof (or pelting down as it was here last week amongst squally winds). However, this winter, we've been hit by cold after cold and all this sickness is making me long for warmer weather and a healthier household! I find when it's cold, I'm so much less motivated to do things.. to get stuck into anything other than 'the basics' x

  5. This post sounds like me! There's things I love about winter, but right now (& for much of it) I don't like it! Getting the washing dry, seeing it all over the house, while we spend so long inside too. Then I'd try to put a positive spin on it too if I was posting, it's just what I seem to "try" and do. It will pass, as it always does xo

  6. I love grey sky's, rattling wind and bare leafed trees....I must be odd? Love being holled up at home with the rain beating if I had a fire I would find it bliss ;)

  7. sounds like our house, will be glad for just a little more sunshine.

  8. Oh I can relate to this post too Tania. Winter is my least favourite season. I think it can be a time to rest and restore and plan for warmer days tho. I did buy a very warm coat this year tho andi have forced myself to get outdoors and walk or run. I wear a headband so my ears don't ache and gloves and run till I'm warm. I look silly but it does me the world of good. Take care and stay cosy. Your photos are always so beautiful.


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