Tuesday, October 8, 2013


With all the busyness that the school holidays brought - kid's friends over, Bessie the cow and more kid's friends over, I'm afraid it all passed by in a bit of a blur. I can't pretend that I'm not a little relieved that school went back today. A little more organization the night before and this morning, enabled the drop off and milking routines to go fairly smoothly. It was nice to arrive home to a quiet house with a full milk can. A small bowl of popcorn is sometimes what it takes to gain ten minutes of quiet with a cup of coffee with no little person jumping all over me. 

Today is set to be a cleaning catch up day. The floors need mopping and the outside of the kitchen cupboards are not their best. Washing needs hanging out and sheets need changing. School holidays tend to wreak a little havoc, and they are certainly not the time to attempt any Spring cleaning. Which makes me wonder if I will even get to any Spring cleaning this time around.

I emptied out the camera the other day. There weren't many photos from the past few weeks. I believe the battery was flat on my camera for the half the holidays while I was looking for the charger. Time was not on my side these holidays. There is nothing very eventful here, just a few pictures taken around the house last week.

 While it has warmed up, we are still having cold days. Particularly early morning milking (Violets op-shopped hand knits)

Making lard.

First pig-tails.

Tea from Pop's old tea-pot.

Luca's Deckard. Picking the needles back up after an unintended knitting break.

Quilts and reading piles.

Bessie's milk cream line.

The Home Creamery, a book I have had for some time, is proving even more useful now. Last week it was ricotta and I would like to attempt the Farmer's cheese soon.

Dishes. Not a pretty sight, but it was a constant reality during the holidays. Some days you just feel chained to the sink. At such times I almost wished I had a dishwasher.


I could not end this post without saying how supported and truly moved I felt after reading your encouraging, heartfelt comments from my last post. It has made me feel that I do want to continue in this space, after a period of time that had me questioning whether I really wanted to continue or not. Sometimes there is a bigger picture at hand here, and if my little ramblings here brighten another person's day, encourage them to try something new, or make them feel that they are not the only square peg in a round hole, then that will make it all worth it.

So thank you, those that come back time and again, even waiting patiently when the posts are few and far between. I am afraid I am terribly slack and time poor as regards to replying to questions and emails, but please be assured that I value each and every comment and email that someone has taken the time to reach out with. I am truly thankful that your voices have helped make this space what it is.


  1. Hi Tania so sorry did not know you got bullied by some unkind persons in the blog world just remember what go's round come back and that you are a great person and I love your blogs xx Linda

  2. I was awe struck at what a leap of faith you guys took in investing in Bessie....cudos to you guys for living the dream! Sometimes I hate stupid online commenters....some just always look for a loop whole and they are in like flin. Love your rambles and all you do. take heart some of us truly appreciate what you share with us x

  3. Hi Tanya, Your holidays looked pretty similar to mine! They whiz by so quickly don't they. Love you, love your blog, don't let anyone put you off - they are nasty bitter people and are probably jealous as! xxBrenda

  4. so glad your back
    X Donna

  5. I echo everyone's sentiments about being glad you're back. I visit your blog to get grounded. It's like a peephole into things that matter - family, food, goodness, authenticity. Thank you - you've blessed me in more ways than you know :)

  6. What can I say...you are SUCH and inspiration! Keep blogging - reading about your adventures is a total joy! x
    PS I wish I lived next door :)

  7. Arg....the dishes...they just go with the territory of deliciously homemade foods, don't they?! I know its worth it, but on those days where the dishes are never ending I start to wonder....

    Wonderful photos, Tania. Wonderful. Your simple snapshots of life regularly brighten the day of this square peg!

  8. Hi Tania, I think one of the things I like best about your blog is the content about family life. This brought back memories of when my kids were at school. I miss those days believe it or not! What lucky kids you have! Best wishes, Kathryn x

  9. Visiting from Rhonda's blog, so hello. I read about your cow, and the nasty comments, it looks like you're a blessing and a light for many more people than that one detractor. I was wondering what you'll do with the lard, and how do you "make" it? I was talking lately to a friend who wanted to use the lard from the animals, but didn't didn't know how or what.

  10. Hi Nanette, I asked my butcher for some pork fat to make lard and the next week he had a bag full of fat ready. I put it in a low-moderate oven and every now and then I poured the liquid through a strainer (as it melted down). It took most of the day, but it was only 2 minutes here and there of attention so it was really quite easy. Totally different colour to the supermarket lard!

  11. We rendered our own lard years back, and it makes the best pie crust and flakey biscuits I ever ate! I envy you your cow - we had a jersey cross named tinkerbelle for years, and there is nothing like your own fresh milk not to mention the cream.
    Mom always said a sink full of dishes was a sign you weren't going hungry.......

  12. Thanks for that Tania, sounds pretty easy. I'll pass your comment on to my friend.

  13. Hello,
    Visiting from Rhonda Jean's. It looks like you'll have a lovely sweater.

    Missouri, U.S.A.

    Harvest Lane Cottage

  14. I'm so very impressed by your bravery in investing in a cow. Its a dream of mine, but I'm so nervous about the day we finally make the leap. And ignore the meanies in the comments. I've gotten that too (someone criticizing the names I've chosen for my children), and I just couldn't believe anybody would take time out their day just to be mean. What's the point? They are obviously insecure or jealous. Good luck with the cow! I look forward to watching your learning process!

  15. Hi Tania. Having followed your blog for quite some time, it is evident to me that any person, farm beastie or plant under your care is very priveledged. Bessie will thrive on the love and attention and you are so right to move forward and let those negative comments become 'water off a duck's back' - they are not worthy of your time or energy. Thanks for giving so much to so many. :) Jenny

  16. I am so jealous of your cow, I would love to have a cow but as I live in suburbia in a rural town it,s not possible. Love fresh milk and cream straight from the cow,nothing can beat it.

  17. All the pictures are so honest and soothing; I think you and I are alike in our love of all the parts of home.
    Yeah for first pigtails!

  18. SOOOOO sorry I posted the wrong link with my name up there, LOL, (athough that one is good, too)

    this one is mine:


  19. Hello - I'm trying to get caught up with my Bloggers that I keep on my side bar tonight. I'm so glad you are going to continue your wonderful blog,

  20. okay... missing your posts now !! what's happening with all that fresh milk and is your weather crazy there too !?!?


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