Monday, October 28, 2013

the weekly update

I don't know about you, but my goodness, the weeks are flying by right now. Let us not even mention 'christmas' at this stage.  It's been busy around here. Fortunately a good type of busy for the main part. I am not one to like being busy just for the sake of it, but when that busy involves the usual daily life (admittedly with all it's ups and downs), cow milking, manure hauling, new seed beds in the garden, lots of interesting reading and future projects to plan, well, then that is not so bad.

Unfortunately this little space here has been suffering a little for it, and I will try to put aside a little more time for some more frequent posts with you. So where to start?


Family : all good. Just lots of extra activities that always comes at the end of the year. Two birthdays are coming up this month.

Bessie the Jersey (and calf) : both very well. Munching through lots of hay, making a nice and creamy 4 litres every morning, and getting quite shiny with her summer coat. I'm becoming much quicker and more efficient with the milking. We did have a bucket kicked over episode last week (I wasn't paying attention and she kicked it with the untied foot), and I now know the true meaning of not crying over spilt milk. Live and learn. Did I tell you I'm really enjoying it?

The vegie garden : I am hoping for a bumper season (well, at least better than last year), with a full ute load of garden "gold" just added to the entire vegie garden. Cow manure mixed with manure and wee soaked straw from the stables. I've got radishes, peas, cabbage and lettuce in, but over the next few days I will be trying to get a lot more in. We're forecast for more rain so now is the time. It's a little too early to get the tomatoes in, as we're still getting early frosts a few times a week.

In the kitchen: I've been making my favourite new cake (though I replace the sugar with rapadura sugar)  and lots of simple meat and vegie meals. I'm still brewing kombucha and kefir, and I'm hoping to make a little more sauerkraut this week.

The block : we're looking into biting the bullet and investing in a water bore. Purely rain water is just not cutting it. We also need to paint the chook house and make some fences.

Craft : I've been doing knitting rows here and there. I'm on the final hood of Luca's jumper. As for sewing, I tried to start a dress, got halfway through and realised the sizing was way off. Not fun. Project discarded and I haven't had the time or motivation to start anything else. Goodness knows I need the motivation, as my cupboard is full of "nothing-to-wear" right now.

Reading : Folks, This Ain't Normal : A Farmers Advice for Happier Hens, Healthier People and a Better World. Joel Salatin doesn't hold back, and you can't help thinking that this guy really does have it all figured out. Highly entertaining and thought provoking.

The Weed Foragers Handbook : An Australian guide to weeds that you can eat. Clear pictures make the weeds pretty easy to identify, and I recognized many of them. It feels comforting to know which weeds you can eat, should the need ever arise. I am looking forward to a little experimenting.

So what are your "updates" lately? I feel a little out of step with the blogging world right now, so please fill me in with your latest projects and doings.


  1. Loads of planting and praying, wishing, crossing fingers, dancing etc for rain.
    We have a new calf too. A Scottish Highland born last week. And are waiting for turkeys and ducks to hatch some eggs.
    Joel Salatin is one of my favourite authors/ farmers. He is a bit 'out there' but that's what I like most about him.

  2. Those blood oranges look very juicy.. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia

  3. Gorgeous post!! Loads of exciting plans happening at your place... :)

    What are you brewing up with the blood oranges??

    Jodie :)

  4. It's autumn over here in the states, so we're experiencing that rush of busy-ness that seems to come with the end of the season, right before the homing in of winter! Lots of creative projects, hard cider and kombucha brewing going on over here!

  5. That's my favourite chocolate cake recipe too, after seeing it on Nigellisima earlier this year. I also replace the sugar with rapadura. Here in Geelong, my tomatoes are off and racing- we don't get too many frosts here. I have lots of potatoes, carrots, pumpkins, zucchini in, and many more. We've had lots of rain, so everything is very green at the moment.

  6. Matt read that book and gave it great reviews, including reading me many passages.

    So much going on around your place! Though sometimes it is exhausting, I quite like the busy-ness that you have outlined. The daily flow of things.

    I hope you have a wonderful day!

  7. whizzing by isn't it. I seem to be getting up earlier and earlier at the moment just to fit things in.
    I just went back to your kefir and kombucha post- crowded bench tops! That's a lot of what's been happening around here. Lots of sauerkraut, sourdough, ginger beer, sprouting and hopefully one day when I finally get organised to source some properly, water kefir. Sewing and crocheting is sitting idle, despite the want. My hand sits on top of the piles and then moves on again.

  8. Great to catch up on your news! We have been doing a bit of planting, a bit more cooking, and lots of sewing around here of late. I tried to teach myself to knit (again) the other day but threw it away after two rows. My main problem was holding onto everything. Much more comfortable with a crochet hook! I will try again another time. Just made marmalade for the first time today... waiting for it to cool and crossing my fingers! Have a great week xo l @motherwho

  9. Your garden will love the addition of all that extra straw from the cow shed.
    It's lovely to have a catch up on how you are going. x

  10. Enjoyed reading your post:)

  11. I feel a bit out of the loop too, Tania. I've been trying to blog but I haven't had much time to read others blogs which I'm really missing. Wow, good on you for contining to love the milking. I toy with the idea of getting a jersey - I love them so much, but the laziness kicks in and I just don't think I could maintain it. So much else to do .. bla bla any excuse I guess:) Everything's looking lovely at your place. I'm trying to get my vegie garden refreshed. I find the change of seasons so much work but once it's all done it's lovely to enjoy that's for sure. I'm alo doing kefir. The water grain one and loving it. I gave up my kombucha as I didn't like it as much plus I'm doing sourdough so it all felt abit too many ferments to look after. LOL Oh dear, I could blab on all day...sorry. Have a lovely week x

  12. I love reading your blog and looking at your pics :) I know you don't want to hear mention of 'Christmas' yet but as we live rather simply I'm wondering how other simple living families choose gifts for their children at Christmas and what kind of gifts and how much is spent roughly each child. I really struggle with this and I guess feel the need to 'Keep up with the Jones' so to speak. If you are happy to share, that would be awesome :)

  13. don't even get me started on christmas! but what am i up to now? staying inside out of the rain :)

  14. I'm just catching up! Love reading about what you are up to. I've been having weekly sewing lessons which I love, I'm learning to quilt too. xo


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