Thursday, February 23, 2012

in the knitting basket

I don't know quite what it is lately, but I seem to find myself knitting more and more often. Perhaps it's the crisp mornings. Perhaps the rain that keeps coming and going. Or perhaps I'm feeling like I'm finally getting my head around the whole knitting thing. It is a new thing for me to read a pattern and not have to constantly google you tube videos. Not that that will happen every time. I still have so much more to learn. But I'm feeling more confident these days about this whole knitting business.

I've discovered the fun that is to be had in having multiple projects on the go at once. It always used to bewilder me as to why knitters did this. Didn't they get confused with the multiple projects? Did they ever get them finished? So far no to the former and hopefully yes to the latter.

Because, you see, some projects lend themselves to different things. Some are quite challenging, and require a certain amount of concentration. Best done during nap times and while kids are in school. Or late at night when all are asleep. If you still happen to have your concentration by then.

Some are almost easy enough to do with your eyes closed. These are the ones with rows and rows of garter or stocking stitch. The ones where the yarn is not too slippery. These are my favourite to take on a car trip or when the lights are dimmed to watch a movie.

Here is a bit of what I'm working on right now.

This is to be a Tiny Tea Leaves cardigan for Julia. Should be lovely for Autumn and Winter. The yarn is a beautiful soft DK weight wool and angora blend. I've been making good progress on this one. Probably my favourite knit at the moment. Only the sleeves to go now. Ravelled here.

 I absolutely love this ultra soft and smooth bluey-grey Baby Alpaca yarn. Lovely to work with. This one sits beside my bedside and is sporadically worked on. It is to be a pinafore dress from the Debbie Bliss pattern in The Ultimate Book of Baby Knits. I'm hoping to have it finished for Autumn wear, so I will have to pick up the pace a little. Ravelled here.

This is my quick and easy knit on the go. It is a Kina for Violet in Debbie Bliss' Baby Cashmerino. This is the first time I've used this yarn and let me just say that it's a dream to work with. Particularly with Addi circular needles. I don't think I've slipped a stitch yet. My first project in pink too.  Ravelled here.

This is the latest one and a result of me itching to trial out some of my new yarn. I found this lovely Japanese style pattern, Like Sleeves for Kids, while hunting on Ravelry late at night. I knit this up over the space of a day or two, it was that quick. There are a few tiny mistakes in it, but overall I'm very happy with it. Now just the other side to do. There is a crocheted cord to make up at the very end. I have never crocheted, but I suppose I will deal with that when I get to it. Ravelled here.

This wool is lined up for the next little project. I'm not quite sure what that is yet. Any suggestions?

What's in your knitting basket right now?


  1. clever lady. I personally think crochet is heaps easier than knitting so you ought to pick it up easy-peasy. Bec x

  2. I adore the green and blue is very pretty too. I have a scarf on the go that i have been working on for three years. yep you read that right. Sadly I don't think it will ever get the attention it deserves. Could you recommend a pretty easy pattern for a beinning knitter? Something you started with maybe...
    Have a great weekend!

  3. Oh wow Tania you are very inspiring. Knitting I'm afraid really scares me and pattern reading too. I find crochet so much easier for me to understand you will have no problem in understanding it I'm sure. I really love your colour choices. x

  4. Can I ask how long you have been knitting? I ask because most of your post are thoughts I have or things I do! I learned to knit 2 years ago this coming May by watching Youtube!

  5. very clever, I haven't got much further than a scarf or beanie!

  6. Tracey - I started almost two years ago also, while pregnant with Violet.
    Lea - I think my first scarf I just did garter stitch, then I made a double rib stitch for Julia. I couldn't find a pattern so just cast on as many stitches as I thought and then cast off when I thought it was long enough.

  7. You have some lovely works in progress here Tania :)
    The thing I love about knitting as with all the crafts I do, is having multiple projects on the go at once keeps the boredom at bay. As you say, some are easy enough to do in your sleep while others need a bit more concentration.
    I was going through my yarny projects yesterday and destashing and found a few that still need completing..never mind that I am already thinking of others things to start :)


  8. I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one with multiple projects on the go. That colourway of the DB is stunning....perfect rose colour. I think I'm going to have to stalk that!

  9. You really have caught the knitting bug! The baby tea leaves cardigan is gorgeous, it is such a beautiful pattern. I love that you are having the confidence to knit different things now, I'm not at that point yet, unfortunately! The Moda Vera yarn in that colour would make a really pretty little bolero jacket/shrug for winter.

    Have fun knitting!

  10. Well done on the knitting!

    I like to only to 1 or 2 knitting projects at a time, one easy and one hard for the same reasons as you :) I always have sewing projects on the go aswell, so with only a little bit of spare time I dont like to have too many things on the go.

    I am just about to finish a Kina for my 10 yr old, its a favourite of mine, I have knitted many dolls versions too. And my next project is another Kina LOL what one daughter has so must the other, just in a different colorway.

    I think that lovely blue would make happy legwarmers :D

    Happy knitting :)

  11. Oh, stop being so clever, will you!! All gorgeous...

  12. Feeling the same way about knitting. Since it all started to fall into place and make sense I don't seem to be able to do anything else but knit. :) Love all your current projects. Perhaps a project for you is in order next? A shawl or cowl for Winter perhaps?

  13. they look great! i only ever knit scarves, lol. but i am feeling inspired now, so might just have to get my mum to help me improve my technique and pattern reading.

  14. Ooh, your hand knits are so very sweet! I am quite taken with the Tiny Tea Leaves project..both the pattern and the colour of the yarn! And how wonderful to have some baby alpaca to play with. Knitting must be in the air, a little bit has been happening here lately, too! :)

  15. I think it must be the rain... I too have been knitting... love the colours and I am finding that so many of the patterns I love are knitted in the round and I don't know how to do that yet! xx

  16. I'm also knitting the tea leaves cardigan at the moment. I'm up to the sleeves and as I haven't knitted a caridgan before need to do some googling as I'm stuck. I love the colour of Julia's cardi. I'm still questionning the colour I chose, which is a dark green.
    I also like to have a few projects on the go at once. I'm also crocheting a dish cloth, knitting a table runner and last night started to crochet a wrap. It's all great fun.

  17. They are really lovely colours and I love the feel of soft yarns and it makes the knitting more enjoyable.

  18. You have some beautiful knits happening there! I have a few in progress. A cowl for myself (making up my own pattern!), socks for hubby, then a Debbie Bliss jumper and cardy for my 8 month old, plus I would love to do some socks for my other two... there's just not enough hours in a day! CAn't wait to see your end results! I added you as a friend on ravelry too btw! Cheers.


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