Wednesday, March 21, 2012


  1. A new little pot on the window sill, just waiting to be filled with some herbs.
  2. Meanwhile a fresh bunch of herbs suffices for flowers.
  3. Reading Rhonda's book. I'm halfway through and loving it. Her familiar voice shines through in this beautiful book on simple living. Great advice for every age and stage.
  4. Almost finished Julia's Tea Leaves. The scary double pointed needles are out. And you know they are not so scary afterall.
  5. One of my favourite lunch things to do.. toast rubbed with garlic, add tomato, bocconcini and basil. Drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle with sea salt.
  6. A new little "out box" tin for seeds.  All ready to go with the cooler weather vegies for when I'm able to snatch a half hour in the garden.


  1. enjoying...your blog. Love your photos.
    The tea leaves looks great, love the colour.

    cheers Kate

  2. I finished the book last night...such a great read and one I will refer back to often I am sure :)
    Love Julia's tea leaves knit, gorgeous colour too!

  3. Just beautiful. Love the Julia's cardi. the colour is gorgeous.

  4. Lovely photos as always. I love reading your blog in the morning before I go to work- puts me in a relaxed mood haha :)

  5. What a wonderful looking book! I am going to check to see if it's available here in the states.
    Your Tea Leaves looks awesome.

  6. Julia's cardigan is coming along really nicely. I started knitting a 2nd version of this cardigan from some really soft organic cotton. I'm up to knitting the body. I haven't knitted with the double-ended pointed needles before so that will be interesting. I was looking at your photo to see how you were doing it. :)
    I'm looking forward to seeing the the end product.
    Have a good day.

  7. Tania your snippets are always lovely to see. I have started to read Rhonda's book too and it's so easy to read and the images in the book are beautiful. I think I need to find some kale seeds for my garden, it's used a lot in the cooking I've been doing but haven't seen any yet I think I need to do some more looking. Have a great day. x

  8. Yours is the second blog today to feature Rhonda's book once again reminding me I still haven't ordered mine yet!

    I am glad the double pointed needles weren't so scary after all. That is exactly how I felt when I finally worked up the courage to give them a go.

  9. your photos get better and better. love these ones. i spy a good book there tania. enjoy your day. xo

  10. one of my fave lunches too x

    (have requested that book through the library but probably won't get to read it till next year as there are a few people 'ahead' of me in the queue!)

  11. How funny, we have very similar posts today! I am going to try to grow Rainbow Chard this year too.

  12. It's my wedding anniversary coming up and I send Tom a link to that book saying "hint, hint"..

    (Although knowing my husband ill send him a link to a book I want about living simply and he will buy me expensive jewellery.. I can't really complain though!!)

  13. I'll be putting in a request for Rhonda's book for my birthday next month, it's so good to see so many people learning from it!


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