Thursday, March 29, 2012

in this week

This week I have :-

 Wondered how long the basil will hang in there for. Hoping to squeeze just one more pesto out of it.

Rearranged the shelves. Because who knows when the inclination or inspiration to do so will strike again?

Remembered just how difficult co-sleeping with a 16 month old can be.

Made pizza topped with vegies from the garden. Thinly sliced zucchini with garlic and oregano. Thinly sliced potato with bacon and thyme.

Tired of seeing that mending basket and starting to do something about it.

Embraced the idea from Rhonda's book that housework is never finished, and so concentrating on one bit at a time.

Needing to squeeze in some time for sewing and knitting, as it hasn't really been happening this week.

Making an effort to become more of a morning person. Though I will always be a reluctant one.

Thinking about cleaning out the fabric stash.

Hoping your week has treated you well so far.


  1. Productive week!

    I need to embrace the one little bit at a time thing, rather than get frustrated by the mountain I feel is in front of me (mostly the mountain of clean washing that needs folding and putting away!)

  2. oh great photos! i love that second one of violet. she is so pretty and your pizza looks sensational. there was actually an interview with rhonda in our local weekend paper. i had been meaning to order her book for a while and did so this week. hoping it arrives for the weekend. enjoy your day tania. xo.

  3. Our week has been quite similar.

    I've attacked my mending pile after one too many 'Where's my...' and it feels good to finally have it under control.

    Am just a little tired of co-sleeping with such a wriggler and wondering how the transition to his own bed will go.

    Finally squeezed in some knitting time last wrong! and I still struggle with the mornings.

    Enjoy the rest of your week :)

  4. wow..your pizza looks sensational with that thin dough and delicious topping..

    no matter how much housework i do there's always the thought in the back of my mind that some other job needs doing like windows, oven, sweeping outside, cobwebs etc etc..maybe our foremothers had the right idea when they had specified housework that they did on certain days and certain times of the year..i always thought it was too rigid but i'm now thinking that they had the right least it would help silence the housework nag

  5. Looks like a very busy week so far!
    I love that hat!!Did you make it?

  6. Spring is at the door in our little corner of the world, and one thing I am anxious for is...Basil!!! I love it, it's smell, it's color, it's flavor...Can't wait!

    Love the first picture of your post...your daughter, the hat... She is sooo cute!

    Have a great day!

  7. Sounds like you've been busy! I am a reluctant morning person. I'd never thought to describe myself that way, but it is so apt. Now I must make pizza tonight! Sounds perfect!

  8. Loving that sun hat too and looking forward to getting my hands on Rhonda's book. Hope you have a lovely weekend. :)

    PS. I linked to you in my post today.

  9. Oh, I am trying so, so hard to be a morning person, too! You are rocking that kitchen lately, Tania - so much goodness coming from there! :)


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