Wednesday, March 14, 2012

the last part on the way home

The very last stretch of our camping road trip took us right into Victorian High country.

We drove through and stopped for coffee in the little town of Marysville. Most of you will know this town was virtually destroyed by the Black Saturday fires.

Few buildings remained and three years on there is reminders of the fires, such as the white picket fences that lead to nowhere and the slightly blackened, towering, but resilient European trees that line the streets.

There is a lot of building going on. In fact the town seems to be a hive of activity with buildings going up everywhere. I was humbled by the general strength that I found in the town. Slowly the beauty of this town is returning, and it is indeed one of the most beautiful towns I have seen.

Much to Daniel's excitement we were soon on gravel and heading further into the mountains.

We arrived at Wood's point, the quaintest little old mining town you ever did see.

Perched in a steep little valley and with a running stream going through. Mining artifacts were laid out for visitors.

We camped just out of town right under what I think were 50 metre trees. Not far from that same crystal clear running stream.

The roaring wind over the trees at night was comparable to the sound of a train approaching. So Ican't say I slept really well. But it was an adventure.

Gathering sticks for the fire.

After sausages and potatoes for dinner I cooked a batch of banana pikelets.

We headed back through some more little mining towns. 


The cutest little mining cottages I've seen.

After one more night in Corryong we headed home. It was nice to be back. It wasn't long before the map was back on the table planning the next trip. We'd love to explore more of the mountains and little towns in the area. Someday we'd like to travel the Great Ocean Road.

Any suggestions for future trips? Do you like to take the roads less travelled?


  1. That certainly looked like a lot of fun. We haven't been camping in years.

  2. What an amazing adventure! We love Beechworth if you ever get there in your travels one day. We love camping but it is such a lot of work to set uo for a night but I can now see the beauty of a camper trailer. Beats sitting in a resort by the side of a crowded pool any day? I would love to travel OS with the kids but I am sure that just as much is waiting for us to explore here in our own country first.

  3. Love your ugg boots! Great camping attire.

  4. It looks like you had a great adventure Tania with your family. I've really enjoyed seeing all the beautiful spots you've stopped along the way, our country is certainly beautiful. You've given me the urge to go on another trip, it's been 2 years now since we've been to Tasmania. Tasmania is a beautiful spot to travel around, a little further to get there but lots of things to see and experience. xx

  5. Great photos and heartening to read your words on Marysville.
    I think you would love to spend time on Kangaroo Island, but it's a fair journey for anyone outside of Adelaide.

  6. We love camping too.
    We have been heading to Mansfield of late, up in the mountains theres an area called Sheepyard Flat. A lovely spot on the Howqua River. We just spent 2 weeks there in January.
    GOR is great too, we like Aireys Inlet to stay at, lovely beaches with out the crazy crowds, but not to far from everything (and a cool lighthouse!)


  7. try the area that takes you through Buchan then on a teeny dirt road to Jindabyne - very winding road but spectacular scenery. Not for caravans but the camper trailer is fine!
    And I'll second Catherine....Tassie is so beautiful and scenic. you will have to save those pennies for the boat fare though.....!!

  8. We love camping too, but haven't been over your way at all, so no help there sorry! Your photos are beautiful, I can just imagine being there with you.

  9. I'm a Qlder Tania and live here now but I lived in Melb for 6 months in 2003 with my Victorian husband. I loved the small little towns around Daylesford, Castlemaine and Woodend as well as the winery region around Yarrawonga, Rutherglen, Beechworth and Mulawa. Heaps of lovely little country antique stores, foodie havens and scenery.

    It looked cold in your photos. It looked lovely though. What an adventure.

    Anne xx

  10. It's bizarre seeing you rugged up when we are still sweltering in these parts :)
    We have done very little exploring in Australia but hope to venture out more in the future...the road trip from Perth to Brisbane is going to be a highlight for me.


  11. Awesome photos! How do you manage to look so darn pretty when out camping??!!

  12. I sooo want a bemch like that! And a porch rail like the railing on the bridge. Wonderful photos. :)

  13. That SHELL sign is priceless. Great photos!

  14. i've just found your blog and i can't stop reading! it's beautiful. you've already inspired some knitting projects and i cant wait for a camping trip to this area! bianca. (love the blog name too :) )


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