Friday, April 13, 2012

home life

  1. culling magazines... again
  2. sisters
  3. peaches from a friends garden
  4. preserving those quinces
  5. school holiday crafting (in this instance castle building)
  6. recipes
  7. don't wake the sleeping baby
  8. oatmeal bread from this recipe.. a long time favourite here
  9. 16 months
  10. hazlenuts picked by the schoolkids on a local farm
  11. italian lace curtains gifted by my mother-in-law

Wishing you all a wonderful Friday!


  1. Your holidays are sounding heavenly Tania.
    I'm doing a major cull at the moment and being the most ruthless I have ever been, it feels great.
    Gosh I can't get over how much Miss Violet has grown :)

  2. have you ever made quince leather

  3. Look at all your beautiful babe's hair! She really has grown up over night. Love a good magazine rip out and glue session too. Wishing you a gorgeous weekend :) x

  4. Your baby has grown so fast!
    Enjoy your school holidays!

  5. Looks lovely Tania! I have made Nella a pair of pants out of the exact same material as Violet's, only yellow and orange in colour. But now that I'm typing this I'm getting de ja vu and feel like I have left this comment already on another post with a pic of those pants! Sorry if I'm repeating myself... preggy brain... Hope you're enjoying the last few days of school holidays. Lucy

  6. Just lovely. I am drooling over those peaches. I only have three cans of peaches left from last year... I don't think I will be able to make them last until they come back into season. :(

  7. The first thing I noticed when this post loaded was Violet (in the second photo). And my first thought was "Is that Violet? She looks like a little girl all of the sudden (rather than a baby)!"

    I am sure I don't need to tell you, but MY has she GROWN!

    All of your children are beautiful and you seem like such a fun mother. I hope you are all having a wonderful day.

  8. I can't believe there are still peaches happening.What a great, late variety that one must be. Love your photos, as always, Tania. You take the most gorgeous shots. Tips please?????? Love the sheets and cover that Violet is sleeping in. So lovely.
    I've been culling magazines too. It's painful but so very necessary. I have Country Style mags dating back to 1994. They really have to go this time! Happy weekend to you, Tania x

  9. 16 months...really!!!! I think she looks so much like Julia now.
    Hope your enjoying your hols...

  10. Oh wow! Your baby has grown so much! Lovely photos as uusual x

  11. hi there! i have given you a liebster award on my blog.

  12. what lovely happenings in your house..cute quilt and even cuter baby.jane

  13. Hello Tania, been reading and admiring your blog for some time now, found through Down To are one of my first stops of the day! Thanks for your lovely photos, and your inspiration. Cheers from near Wollongong, Liz


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