Monday, April 30, 2012

here now

We spent the weekend pottering around at home. Watered plants. Swept the verandah. Got the kid's involved. Talked about plans. For us and the house. There was some knitting and reading time. Almost finished the Four Seasons Jacket now. I will get around to Ravelling it sometime soon. Halfway through An Everlasting Meal. This is cookery reading at it's very best.

Breakfast on Sunday would not be the same without having a few magazines to flip through. Bespoke, which I was so fortunate to receive as a giveaway from Christina, and old favourite, Country Style. There is no other magazine that reaffirms life in the country like this one.

I baked bread. I made some very hot sweet chilli sauce (the extra heat was unintentional I might add, and I'm a little worried about how edible it actually is) and slow cooked some more yoghurt. Letting it drain in muslin for many hours left it unbelievable rich and creamy.

We made the decision that we will (most likely) stay where we are. It would be hard to walk away from the vegie garden, the hedging, the orchard planting. Hard to walk away from our house that has only ever known us within it's walls. Things here are just starting to take shape. Milking cows, goats and sheep probably won't be happening in our near future. But chickens are on the cards, and there may be other ways of keeping cows etc without the need to move.

Wishing you all a pleasant week in your world.



  1. Sounds like a productive and restorative weekend the pics...gosh your beautiful Violet is looking a lot like her brother now!
    I had to smile at your chilli story...i have a bush that my partner's Indian grandmother gave to us from seed but they are fiery and i'm really not sure what to make!! I hope you get some use from your productivity though!
    It's hard to plan for the future you want when you have so many things to pull you in different places isn't it? I understand the desire to stay put after all the work you have put in! Hopefully you will have some chickens soon to lift the spirits!Have a lovely week!

  2. I tried to borrow that book, Everlasting Meal, from the library the last time you talked about it. They don't have it. I am going to request that they buy it!

    Herdshare? I still can't put down my dreams of milking goats! But bees first... if I can accomplish my bee dream, then who knows, maybe a couple of Nigerian Dwarf goats isn't that unreasonable!!

    Tania, your kids are so cute and happy!

  3. So you had the perfect weekend. Gorgeous images. xx

  4. Sounds like a lovely, restorative weekend. Can I just say I love your blog - it's peaceful. We are going through the same thing at the moment with our house, deciding whether to stay or move on. We are rapidly outgrowing our little house, but find the idea of moving and owing more money goes against our grain. So many memories here, that may be too hard to leave behind! So we've been talking entensions too. Nothing major. Just enough.

  5. I down loaded The Everlasting Meal to my Kindle and loved it so much I ordered the book, it's on my top 5 best book list!
    I have been waiting to have a milk cow and a goat on our place for a few years now and am still waiting so I understand, but a girl must dream right?! :)

  6. Gosh your blog is a delight to read! Your place looks so restful and quiet. I think I need to read the everlasting meal, too.

  7. Hey Tania, just dropping by to say hello. Yes I love Country Style too, and I've got a huge bag of chillies in the fridge waiting to be made into harissa paste. So you've reminded me!

  8. I love those weekends pottering around home :) Great photos!

  9. Country Style mag is a favourite here too, so many beautiful photos and home inspiration.
    Violet is getting so big. Loving the sweet knitted jumpers. x


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