Tuesday, April 10, 2012

little easter feasting

We had no real definite plans this Easter. We were going to go away. Then we weren't. Then there was a last minute day trip on Friday to see my Pop, who is sadly unwell right now. Once home I spent the next day or two pottering around in the garden, pulling out massive weeds and sowing seeds into freshly composted beds.

In between all this there was a little cooking. No special occasion roast type feasts, but things like frittata made with leftovers, home grown potato salad, simple no knead bread and bruschetta from our tomatoes and basil. Yes, the basil is still hanging in there despite a few light frosts.

On Saturday night I made up Hot Cross bun dough, from Pip Lincoln's recipe, to be left to rise overnight. This is the same recipe I used last year. Though I suspect that I didn't finish off with the sugar syrup last year. But you have to add the sugar syrup. It's that good! (and yes, I was taking the day off with the no sugar thing). Finished off  with a quick final rise, baked and brushed with syrup the next morning, it made a lovely warm breakfast. Though the buns did flatten after making. But I'm blaming the flour (Woolworths Organic) which has let me down with bread in the past. I also used rapadura sugar in this recipe.

And somehow a few giant rabbits and lots of overly sweet eggs found their way into the house. But we won't go into that.

On Sunday it was corn fritters from this book, bacon, homemade mayo and freshly picked fried cherry tomatoes. I guess you could call it brunch. Something we don't do often here as we are more breakfast/lunch type people. But the slow mood of the day just made it the perfect choice. We didn't need to eat again until the evening. I think we might try the brunch thing again sometime.

How was your Easter? Did you make a few little things?


  1. Hi there...my Grandmother who was a great Cook used to swear by Mother's Choice flour...I don't know if it is still around these days or if they have been taken over. I use gluten free flour...White Wings...and it is fantastic...much better than one I used to buy in a box...I'll have to try your bread using the gf flour...Have a great day Tania...I often call in and see what you are up to...

  2. We started a new tradition: Homemade chocolate cupcakes to share in lieu of Easter eggs, and SJ & I made them together, which was fun. So much better than chocolate eggs, that's for sure!

  3. sounds lovely, you feed your clan so well.

  4. my taste buds love your cooking. those hot cross buns look sensational. a nice easter at home tania. xo

  5. Yum, what a delicious feast! We had a quiet day enjoying too many easter treats and admiring our decorations we made the previous day.

  6. My mouth is watering just looking at that feast! Your photos tell a warm story as always!
    I left the glaze off our easter buns this year....but it was a mistake lol!
    The twins spat out the tiny taste of choc i gave them so happy with that effort!!
    Hope your school holidays are going well xx

  7. What a great Easter weekend. Your food all looks fabulous and I will have to try out some of those recipes. I am so glad that I have found your blog. I am looking forward to reading more. xx

  8. Happy Easter to your beautiful family! Hope your Pop feels better soon.


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