Monday, June 4, 2012

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After the morning soccer. After her new little sewing class. After the lunch out. It rained. And continued to all weekend. While the time spent indoors was not all the peaceful calm sort, there was still a lot of time for some cooking and eating.

Julia made a lemon slice. Each time she cooks I see her learning just a little bit more. I try to let her figure out things before I interfere. That slice tasted pretty good.

I made a risotto with pumpkin, marsala and greens and herbs from the garden. Sometimes those recipes heavy on the improvising turn out the tastiest.

Even a little reading and knitting was managed. Despite the distraction of the noise of three children cooped indoors. I have been reading this book, in hopes to one day progress to that holy grail of the bread making world, a sourdough loaf.

Here is my attempt at an Elizabeth Zimmerman seamless sweater (though we call them jumpers here) for Luca. I'm using a Bendigo wool (doubled up) in denim. If you never hear of this project again, know that I must have failed at it. But at this point in time know that all is going smoothly. Hopefully the wise directions of EZ will guide me through any stormy knitting seas.

I hope you all had a rather pleasant weekend yourselves.


  1. rainy here too. Although I must say I rather enjoy this sort of weather, all cosy inside but yep, children get a tad claustrophobic sometimes ;)

    The knitting project must be going ok so far, I know I've seen these needles and wool on previous photos.

    Good on you for letting Julia cook and try figure it out, mess and all, what a gift you are giving her!

  2. Sounds like a lovely weekend, Tanya. I'm with you on the improvised recipes tasting better - only thing is I always forget to write them down and then can't replicate again!!
    I'm always impressed with your knitting progress - not so long ago you had just started and now you're already knitting up a jumper - well done!

  3. was so rainy over the weekend. It even woke me up a few times through the night! we eventually ventured out on Sunday though! I just got 6 balls from Bendigo this morning and am looking forward to starting a few new projects! the denim looks a lovely colour!

  4. Pouring here too - but it is a good thing, it is nice to see the garden green and hear the rain rushing into the tanks...last year was so dry. It does mean I spend a lot of time juggling laundry around the fire and under the veranda though...ah well, it is worth it. Your weekend looks like it was lovely, the perfect winter weekend.

  5. It was a rainy day spent indoors too. That lemon slice does look yummy it's lovely to enjoy their cooking and watch them continue to develop and learn. I really love River Cottage too I imagine it would be a great book to learn that sourdough loaf. Enjoy your Monday. x

  6. Gorgeous photos. Oh for a quiet house. The sun is out today after a rainy weekend and I am feeling thankful for napping children right now! Cohen's running commentary of everything lately, coupled with his constant questions and argumentativeness has left me mentally exhausted! Oh, three and a half year olds! Love them, but I need some quiet too!

  7. I sometimes forget how intense wet weather enforced indoor time can be with 3 little ones. Mine have all grown and left home, but I think you are to be admired for how beautifully you seem to handle it. Looking at Julia work out her recipe is such a beautiful sight to see. Me thinks you are doing a wonderful job.

  8. You are very brave doing an EZ pattern I am still a little intimidated by them :)
    Your weekend looks lovely, a perfect set up for the rest of the week!

  9. Your weekend looks very warm and humble :) I wish you luck with your sweater ! Soulemama seems to swear by E.Z. so you should be fine :) As my studies wrap up for the semester I've been sneaking a few rows here and there to finish up knitting started earlier in the year.. Now to figure out exactly where I was up to with some longies... :) Hope to see some 'in progress' pics ! and hope that weather doesn't freeze you guys up there too, my goodness, I'm freezing already :)
    Lauren :)
    p.s. have you seen these wonderful looking kids patterns - I feel a book order coming on :)

  10. We are experiencing quite a lot of indoors time too Tania. I dream about sourdough too...I think I should just jump in and do it. i don't know why I keep putting it off really? Can you share your risotto recipe? I have a heap of pumpkins to use up.

  11. That risotto sounds fabulous and I totally agree about improvised meals.

    I love that your daughter is a budding cook. I wish I'd learned as a youngster. It is so good of you to just let her have a go at it. I bet she learns loads.

  12. @Lauren - Hi! Yes, the weather has certainly turned here hasn't it? Thanks for the link to those patterns - absolutely gorgeous!
    @Amanda - Hi! I had a few cupfuls of leftover mashed pumpkin to start with. I fried onion, garlic in oil and added some broccoli and spinach (whatever greens you have, but you could even leave them out)and a few sprigs of thyme and parsley, fry until tender. I then added about half a packet of rice and fried them for a few minutes. I then added about a half cup of marsala (you could use wine instead, I'd run out!). Keep on stirring and adding ladlefuls of stock (I'd made vegetable stock from onion and carrot scraps) as the rice absorbs the liquid. Keep stirring regularly. When the rice was done (about 40 mins) I added some butter and a little cream.

  13. Sorry Amanda, forgot to say to add the pumpkin before adding the rice.

  14. The River Cottage bread book (actually all of the RC cookbooks) gets a workout here. I always fall back on the focaccia recipe if I am behind in my baking.I like the look of your risotto.


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