Thursday, June 7, 2012

not that into it

I emptied my iphone photos the other day. I realized it hadn't been emptied in over a month. But there weren't very many photos. I obviously haven't been using it that much at all. Or instagramming either for that matter. I guess I kind of hopped off that instagram bandwagon some time back. Though it was fun it was distracting.

It's funny the things that pop up on your phone. Photos that kids have taken when you might be in your dressing gown. When the house is a mess. And yes, that is a wool blanket on the bench. I must have been making yoghurt. I must have just taken this picture.

The lack of photos tell me that perhaps I'm just not that into my iphone anymore. I guess I kind of got sick of playing around on my phone while real life was going on around me. Or of trying to pry it out of kid's hands.

I wonder if I can reach a balance instead of tending toward the all or nothing? Can I rekindle my iphone love?

Do you have an iphone? Are you still as into it as the day you brought it home?


  1. I have an iphone too. I'm not into it much either but still love having it, searching the net while waiting for the girls to finish school, using the maps when we're lost but nothing too exciting really. Maybe you need to buy yourself a new ap to rekindle that iphone love;) Love the photo of Violet totally in a deep sleep there:)

  2. The novelty has worn off a little for me too and I haven't been on IG as much lately...I think where that is concerned I have found a balance that works for me.
    The kids have far more fun with my iphone than I do but I do love the ease of taking photos with it..much easier than lugging around the camera, especially if you are ducking out quickly.

  3. No iPhone here but I did just buy an iPad for an overseas trip coming up soon. I'm in love with it now but I'm sure the novelty will wear off!!
    The pic of a knitting mama and sated Violet is a classic. You look so engrossed in your project - delightful!

  4. But look at all those snatches of your life that you have caught with the iphone :-)
    I think that's what I like with mine, I use mine as a visual memory, shoot fabric at spotlight to think about later, price and measurement tags at Ikea, pictures the kids have drawn, meals I've made, recipes out of other peoples books, things that strike me visually, garden project before and after.
    And I listen to the radio and podcasts on mine, put it in my pocket and carry it around.
    I am using me SLR again more now though, for blogging.

  5. I just love the whole set up of real photography. It's an art form and very creative. Even with the latest and greatest in phone cameras it's still not the art of real photography but I think that it is great for quick snaps on the many times do you forget to take your camera! We always seem to have our phones though.

  6. I love my iPad as much as when I got it 21months ago ... It's the original one, so no camera. But I think I love it because I love reading blogs ;-)
    I also do my budget and home routines using apps, love the weather app and radar (what happened to looking out the window???)
    Have thought of getting an iPod or iPhone just for the camera feature, but can't justify it or the 3G cost at the moment, and I do wonder if the novelty would wear off while I lug it around, my old mobile is smaller.
    But can't imagine life without my iPad :-) very happy with it!

  7. I've blogged instagram shots today too. Having only recently acquired an iphone the novelty is yet to wear off. I'm enjoying instagram the most for taking quick photos at times I wouldn't usually have a camera with me. Like snapping Cohen giving me flowers, or capturing the cat laying picturesquely in the sun. Shall we see how long the novelty lasts though? :)

  8. I'm terribly lacking in technology gadgets...since leaving work i have found it so much easier to unplug a little and just stick with my ancient boring phone...i'm beginning to wonder whether i am doing a diservice to my kids though by not having an iphone or ipad as my teen is already ahead of me in leaps and bounds and i wonder what technology we will need to be aware of or have as the twins grow's interesting...i used to think i needed to keep away from all the gadgets to focus time on the kids...but now i wonder if we may be in danger of becoming a little ancient and holding them back when i hear of 2 yr olds having favourite apps already. Not sure which way to jump really but i absolutely love the pic of you knitting with Violet asleep on your lap...just screams motherhood to me xx

  9. The thrill wore off for me very quickly, and now I don't have much mobile phone reception so I barely use it. When my contract expires in a few weeks, I'm downsizing to something that just makes phone calls...
    Which may pave the way for the iPad I've been dreaming of... xx

  10. I think it's because you take such gorgeous photos, Tania, that the iphone ones really don't cut it for ya! I got abit addicted to the instagram thing too but am weaning myself off as I realised that perhaps, in a few years, they'll look really dated and weird and I'll regret not taking normal photos of the things I instagrammed. But I still take them from time to time. They do make my photos look better because I am so not the best photographer in the world.
    Hey,do you feel like doing a post on photo tips? T'wold be great for us who need all the help they can get! x

  11. When people see my phone they laugh. It's quite old & very basic (it doesn't even have a camera) but it makes phonecalls & sends messages. That's all i need it to do! I quite like that i can't jump on the internet 24 hours a day. The only reason i'd consider getting one is i'm having my first baby in October & i'd like to be able to capture good photos of them without having to take my camera with us everywhere.

  12. No iphone here, but I do have a tendency towards being all or nothing....which I try to curb as it seems to unreasonable to me on an intellectual level. I mean, so little in the world is really all or nothing, but still I have a propensity towards it.

  13. Smart phones can be very addictive and I find it hard to get the balance right. I have never tried IG, don't really know what it is and have no desire to find out because it's just something else for me to waste my time on.
    I read a very interesting article the other day about how technology has turned everyone into photo fanatics. We tend to photograph the most mundane things just because we can and in the process we fill our lives with so much digital clutter that it can become overwhelming trying to sort through it all. I tend to agree.
    Cheers, Michelle

  14. I love having mine to snap things out and about eg school sports day yesterday or anywhere I don't want to lug the camera. I prefer shots taken with my camera though and don't have time for instagram. melx

  15. I do still like the convienience of my iphone. My good camera is too large to carry with me at all times, so the iphone is great for snapping away when out & about. I also love checking up on blogs; emails or internet research whilst waiting for kids sport or schooling to finish. The photo's posted here are great natural shots!:) Nx

  16. I must be one of the only ones in the world not to go down the iPhone/iPad road, at all. I have a phone to make phone calls or be accessible for the kids should they need to be collected from school. (They don't have phones, just if the school rings me.) I'm dreading what our world will be like if it continues down this path. I think there'll be an inherited condition with people's arms being extended all the time, taking photos of themselves 24 hours a day with friends or with things in the background. I can't even keep up with the photos I take with my camera, let alone an iPhone as well. I'm remaining unplugged as much as I can and keeping in touch with my kids in the real world. Holding a child's hand or stroking their face or listening to their problems will always win over a small piece of technology for me. You can't ever get that time back.

    Anne xx


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