Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Violet's Kina

It has been one long work in progress this one. Close to six months of sporadic knitting in fact.

Which it really shouldn't have been. The rather long time it took is far more reflective on my knitting skill (or rather lack of) than on this fairly simple pattern.

The pattern is Kina. I knitted up a size 2 but added a little extra length. Debbie Bliss' baby cashmerino was very easy to work with. I've heard it washes up very well, but I'm yet to test it out.

I started Violet's Kina way back in January. When I got to the sleeves I realized I'd made a rather big mistake in the increases and this little cardi was more likely to fit Violet when she was ten.
So I unravelled. And the unwound wool sat gathering dust until I had the heart to come back and start all over again.

But this time around it knitted up surely and quickly. In about a fortnight it was completed. I will admit there are a few imperfections in it. I'm not sure where that loose tension came from in the increases around the neck or a few other dodgy bits. No worry about it being mistaken for any mass produced item.

It is a little big but that's fine because it will mean a few extra seasons.

Violet, who is already displaying a preference for pretty things (did you see her hair elastic bangle?) protested when her Kina was taken off her this morning to change her top underneath. So I'm thinking I  must make the most of this love of hand knits while it lasts.

So of course casting off one project leaves room to start another. Any suggestions? What's on your needles right now?

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  1. Oh it is just gorgeous Tania, you've done such a great job imperfections and all :)
    I too am making the most of Kaizer wearing mama made items as I am sure before long he won't want to.
    I have a few projects on the go at the moment, a few baby knits for my sister and a simple garter stitch cardi for Kaizer.
    Look forward to seeing what you decide to work on next :)

  2. It's beautiful Tania. Hand knits are really so very special to have especially Mama made ones. I've kept all the hand knits my mother in law made for the girls when they were babies, I can't bear to part with them. She has knitted a few things for them now they are bigger but she likes to knit little jumpers much more she has confessed.

    I'm not a knitter but I'm crocheting some slippers, just one more to go for the big girl. They are quite fun and don't take me too long, that's probably why I like crocheting too, it's a quick fix;)

    Suggestions, maybe you could knit some socks?.....

    Enjoy your day. x

  3. So and cardi!! I love reading about your knitting, imperfections and all - as a beginning knitter myself, it's great to see someone else in the same boat!
    And all knitters were beginners at some point in their knitting life, right? ;o)

  4. there is nothing on my needles at the moment. this looks like a beauty, might have to get some more wool :)

  5. Beautiful! I love the color on Violet - so pretty xx

  6. It looks great! And I'm sure a wash and a bit of blocking will sort out any unevenness. The colour was a great choice too.

    I'm knitting, or attempting to knit, a cardigan for myself. It feels like it will be a project with no end. I also have a little cardi on the needles for Emerson and I'm still adding a row here and there to a stripey baby blanket whenever I am in the passenger seat of the car. :)

  7. I love the Kina. Have knit it a few times now. She looks so lovely in it, and it's such a pretty colour. And my, oh, my, nothing on the needles now? Quick sticks! I can highly recommend the Helena I finished a few weeks ago (Google Helena and Knitty). It's so pretty, and a fairly easy pattern with enough challenge in the lace.

  8. Stunning, the colour, knitting talent & sweet model, well done, love Posie

  9. Oh thats so lovely, it is just beautiful as is she! I'm just starting my proper first knitting project for my little boy , a little vest. Fingers crossed!

  10. I'm knitting socks and hot water bottle covers atm....nothing so pretty. That looks just gorgeous - and the most wonderful part is that it is an heirloom so you can pack it away when she grows out and she can have it for kids she may have.

  11. No ideas for you re knitting projects as i am a bit of a novice (that's being kind to self really, hehe)but i wanted to just say how absolutely gorgeous Violet looks in that colour and style x

  12. Yay for you a million times over! It looks so lovely and hurray for finishing it after the increase drama (You know I feel your pain!!!) On the needles here? Things for me believe it or not. How about something for you...a cowl perhaps, or a slouchy beanie. Some lovely and easy ones floating around. Pop into my ravelry page and have a look in my library for a cute (and free) beanie that looks super easy. Hope all is lovely in your world :) x

  13. This is the cutest little knit ever...and imperfection are what makes it perfect! I really must learn to knit...

  14. i just love the pattern and colour and it looks adorable on your daughter..

  15. I figure if you're going to knit for the little ones you may as well make it a little big so they get more use out of such a love-filled garment! It looks superb.

  16. It's gorgeous and looks stunning on little violet. I did notice the hairband bracelet. She reminds me if my lil one she also likes pretty things jewelry, skirts and loves shoes. I'm not a knitter but do admire the craft. I make quilts instead:)


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